the beauty

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This app is for all kaleidoscope lovers! If you enjoy watching the beauty of perfect forms, absolute symmetry, color harmony, then you should try this app.

It runs on any Windows 10 device and intensively utilizes available graphics processing unit. The more powerfull GPU you have the better quality of rendering and animation you get.

The app features 3 configurations of mirrors and 20 parameters to tune the result to your wish. Vignette, backlight, gamma, halo, saturation, mirror distance or wave length - all these and all others are easily accessible and working in realtime.

Microphone Kaleidoscope can work as a Teleidoscope as well. Just enable the live camera stream and the app shows you the fancy symmetric forms of the world around you. Kids love to make multi-eye-egg-headed aliens while adults enjoy flower-style view of common things.

This Kaleidoscope loves music! Play your favorite track, enable microphone-controlled animation and the app makes the show dance in sync!

  • classic, star, and sickle kaleidoscope modes
  • microphone-controlled animation and effects
  • manual animation with keyboard/touch/gamepad
  • fullscreen or windowed mode
  • HDR color process
  • adaptive resolution (on capable hardware)
  • 20 adjustable parameters
  • live stream from the front, back, or external camera
  • image based pattern support
  • export results to file
  • universal desktop/mobile/xbox app

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