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Tweakolor is a little painting app for all ages enabling you to experiment with light and color.

You start from the grayscale image and then paint over using the original color or the new color. The brush with soft edges makes your strokes look natural and unspoiled. The app is fast and responsive to the touch. With unique RCND (Rotate Canvas Not Device) drawing system, you have the full control of the canvas scale, position and rotation so you can easily repaint complex objects with subpixel precision. Once tried, you will have a hankering for RCND be part of your other painting apps!

There are several filters for tweaking lightness, colorfulness, balance, and… queerness. All filters are non-destructive and its parameters can be fine-tuned at any stage. You do not need to repeat the modify/apply/check/rollback steps to find the best filter settings. Instead, you modify filter parameters and instantly see the result in full screen in real time.

The app is children friendly and can be configured to allow small kids to play safely.

  • RCND drawing system
  • unobtrusive UI
  • subpixel brush precision
  • soft brush edges
  • responsive to touch
  • direct camera capture
  • real-time effects
  • child friendly
  • fun! fun! fun!

"Muito bom"— Jefferson, from Brazil

"То что нужно!"— Андрей, from Russian Federation

"EXCELENTE! A palheta de cores está muito maior, o brush é regulável e pinçando pra aumentar o tamanho da imagem dá pra fazer um bom acabamento de retoque. Muito satisfeito!😊 "— Roberto, from Brazil

"Maroooo che bellaaaa😍 "— Matteo, from Italy

"Veramente bella"— Massimo, from Italy

"Классная игра"— Валерия, from Belarus

"Carina, sembra quasi un gioco da bimbi ma ha delle funzioni facili, intuitive e risultati professionali"— Davide, from Italy

"Bellissima❕❗❕❗ "— Gabriele, from Italy

"Суперское приложение"— Мелас, from Russian Federation

"Really nice built app. Works like a charm."— Δημήτρης, from Greece

"👍 классное приложение"— Millen, from Russian Federation

"Excelente aplicación muy útil recomendado "— Dante Esteban, from Argentina

"Very well done"— Dave, from United States

"Absolutely awesome app with packed good things, waiting for future updates of new features!! "— Amit, from India

"Great app. "— Dubble, from United Kingdom

"Very nice 😍"— fahed, from United Kingdom

"Awesome app. Thanks developer....great work."— noman, from India

"Great app. Perfectly does what it's supposed to. "— Alastair, from Australia

"One of the best app. Keep it up guys."— anubhav, from India

"ممتاز جدا "— Kotaiba, from Saudi Arabia

"Nice One"— Mahadev, from India

"Faites comme vous le voulez hein. Mais si vous aimez les logiciels qui font bien, ici vous aurez en plus le plaisir à l'utiliser..."— jean-louis, from France

"Всё хорошо а главное прикольно"— андрей, from Russian Federation

"What a great picture colouring app, so simple to use, so much fun to use and above all, creates fantastic results. Download it, try it, love it 😊 "— Philip, from United Kingdom

"Best"— Imran, from United States

"Nice One..😆 "— Pritam, from India

"Nice app! Does the one task it was designed for (colour removal/replacement) really fluidly and responsively. Easy to use too. Hope the devs add a custom colour picker/mixer in future updates. smile"— Lee, from United Kingdom

"Ha-ha! It's like PhotoShop for children"— Mikhail, from United States

There is no unique picture of reality.

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