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Available for:
★ Windows Phone 7.1+

Airyware Tuner Lite

Airyware Tuner Lite is a free lightweight version of the professional 9 octave multi-instrument chromatic tuner. It is powered by the same 64-bit NeatTimbre™ DSP engine and provides ultra-fast and super-accurate pitch detection on mobile devices.

The tuner operates in fully automatic mode, using twelve-tone equal temperament and standard 440 Hz reference for concert A. The fullscreen gauge provides high resolution readings and is perfect for showing smallest deviations from the target tone, thereby enabling you to tune with superb accuracy. The app is quick and responsive, making you feel comfort and confident.


  • wide 9 octave tuning range: 15…8000 Hz ~ C0…B8
  • chromatic, equal temperament mode
  • up to 0.1 cent accuracy
  • linear needle meter
  • reference A4 = 440 Hz
  • automatic indoor/stage/outdoor profile
  • automatic internal/headset mic
  • waveform inspector (oscilloscope)
  • signal frequency in Hz
  • high-contrast display
  • sharp/flat/3b2# notations
  • user feedback and feature request gateway

Reviews ★★★★★

"Extremely accurate and easy to use, was able to tune my new harp perfectly! Would highly recommend."— K'sharra, from United States

"Perfecto"— Yezhit, from Colombia

"perfect!"— Daniel, from Germany

"非常好用。完全代替了靠耳力听"— 用户, from China

"Excelente app, destaca en su sencillez y precisión."— Roberto Iván, from Mexico

"Pretty excellent tuner for the bass!👌"— Antti, from Finland

"Rất tốt và chính xác "— Nguyen Duc, from Viet Nam

"Semplice ed efficace :]"— Federico, from Italy

"The best tuner I've ever used! As good as an electronic tuner."— User, from United States

"Best tuning app in the windows store"— User, from India

"First really good tuner I've found on WP7."— LittleShoes, from United States

"Good,verry good,ứng dụng chỉnh dây đàn hay nhất tui từng xài..cám ơn tác giả,thank you.👍👍"— điền, from Viet Nam

"Finally a tuner that works for any thing. I am a pro technician that needs a general purpose tuner and this is the best. Thanks"— robert, from United States

"شكرا"— Utilisateur, from Tunisia

"Honestly the best free mobile tuner app made"— User, from United States

"Had no problem tuning a guitar and it was perfect thank you"— User, from South Africa

"Todella hyvä"— Antero, from Finland

"Kibaszott jo!"— Felhasználó, from Hungary

"Πολύ καλό!"— Αντώνης, from Greece

"Great for tuning your instrument!😊🎉🏆"— James, from United States

"Que sea gratis"— jesus miguel, from Mexico

"This tuner is one of the best apps the windows store has to offer. Extremely fast and easy. The design and name make you suspect otherwise but really save yourself trouble. Don't bother with other tuners"— User, from United States

"Knallbra tuner. Gratis."— Leif Esten, from Norway

"Mais preciso até agora pena que o pago é muito caro"— Usuário, from Brazil

"Μια χαρουλα"— evgenios, from Greece

"Best tuner I have ever used. Really accurate!"— Χρήστης, from Greece

"Impressive!"— milnak, from United States

"Very nice app"— Jeremiah, from United States

"Muy bueno. Muy preciso!"— Diego, from Argentina

"Excelente "— omar, from Mexico

"Единственная программа, с помощью которой я смог настроить гитару. "— Almaz, from Russian Federation

"Wonderful, accurate, and easy to use. Really nice design too. "— User, from Singapore

"Vyskúšal som viacej ladičiek, táto funguje najlepšie, je veľmi presná."— Používateľ, from Slovakia

"Erinomainen!"— santeri, from Finland

"Πόλυ καλή εφαρμογή αξίζει για εμένα "— mhtsos, from Greece

"开发者好样的!"— John, from China

"Very accurate and easy to use interface!"— Joe, from United States

"Great to tune a selfmade xylophone"— Philippe, from Belgium

"Wow! Really accurate and sensitive!"— LP, from United States

"Freakishly good tuner for double bass. "— User, from United States

"Nice & handy tunner"— User, from Canada

"Perfect what I wanted!"— gulrez, from India

"Ini baru tuner gitar"— hape, from Indonesia

"Simple and accurate"— User, from United States

"Со всех представленных самый лучший!"— Popov, from Russian Federation

"Мне слон на оба уха присел, но гитару настроил респект."— Пользователь, from Russian Federation

"Lo máximo "— Mark Dayson, from Peru

"Superb"— Anuj, from India

"El mejor afinador que hay para Windows Phone, lo he usado en todos mis instrumentos y ha funcionado a la perfección. Best tuner for Windows Phone, I've used it on all my instruments and it worked perfectly."— Miguel, from Colombia

"Very good running tool"— raid, from Israel

"Nice and easy to play"— User, from Nepal

"Buena"— cristian, from El Salvador

"Пожалуй- самый вменяемый, из бесплатных."— Пользователь, from Russian Federation

"Megbízható, gyors, pontos!"— Szilárd, from Hungary

"Bello! Funziona bene, Molto preciso;)"— Alessandro, from Italy

"Супер без посторонней помощи выяснил в какой тональности губная гармошка😊 искреннее спасибо👍 "— Иван, from Russia

"Отличный тюнер! Показывает волну и частоту, очень удобный!"— денис, from Ukraine

"Δουλεύει άψογα!!!"— vagelis, from Greece

"Musica"— Jugador77515625, from United States

"Best tuner in windows...."— Rahul, from India

"This is the best tuner app I've found. Good job!"— Danny, from United States

"Essential"— FirstNine, from Hungary

"Does exactly what it says. Brilliant. My piano A is 439.5 Hz excellent . Amazing app."— Peter, from United Kingdom

"Hyvä ja helppo."— Tapsa, from Finland

"Very accurate. Waveform display is nice."— pv, from Finland

"Extremely useful. Top class. 👍 "— Saurabh, from India

"Semplicemente ottimo!!!"— Utente, from Italy

"Great app, its really helps "— rodel, from Singapore

"5Star"— User, from Tanzania, United Republic of

"Excellent tuner, very easy to use."— john, from Ireland

"Good app! Really helpful!"— Dayana, from United States

"Excellent app!!! Probably better than my regular korg tuner!! "— Collin, from United States

"Splendid!"— Benutzer, from Austria

"Best!"— Пользователь, from Russian Federation

"Bagus - Aplikasi mantap"— fajar, from Indonesia

"广告去了更好"— 笑笑, from China

"Good!😃😃😃 "— leah, from United States

"One of the best in accuracy."— Θεολόγος, from Greece

"Brilliant tuner. Very accurate. Best one around and its free!"— Alex, from South Africa

"Best tuning app. Very responsive and a valuable studio tool. "— User, from United States

"Amazingly accurate, even recognizes chorded notes."— User, from United States

"Useful and user-friendly (for my guitar)."— Darek, from Poland

"Detects tune, shows frequency, simple and efficient, no hassle, nor overkill."— Christophe, from Finland

"Amazing"— User, from United Kingdom

"It's perfect 👌"— Jaime, from Mexico

"Perfecta, muy buena aplicación 100% recomendable para afinar violín"— edson, from Mexico

"Super"— Daniel, from Germany

"No guitarist can miss this app"— Người dùng, from Viet Nam

"Давно искал такую вещь"— Пользователь, from Russian Federation

"Офигенная прога,очень удобная,простая,легко заменяет тюнер"— Nedway, from Russian Federation

"Definitely can't complain about it for free. Perfect for a quick check in a pinch "— AJ, from United States

"Fantastic tuner on a phone. Much more accurate than any other I tried"— Randall, from United States

"Excelente "— Lucas Alejandro, from Argentina

"好,大赞,好使"— 了业, from China

"Loistava, helppokäyttöinen virityssovellus"— Antti, from Finland

"Esta chido"— Usuario, from Mexico

"Denediklerimin içinde en iyisi yapanların ellerine sağlık"— Ata, from Turkey

"Kool💙💙💙"— User, from United States

"Very accurate, Labai tiksli"— Julius, from Lithuania

"Супер"— Владимир, from Ukraine

"по-крайней мере быстро и точно работает,удобно"— Alexander, from Russian Federation

"Best tuner i ever used.lightning fast and accurate!"— sho, from United States

"Perfecto , afinador muy bueno en especial para mi guitarra"— cristian, from Colombia

"Il miglior accordatore per Wp!"— Marko, from Italy

"Used on Lumia 620. The best tuner app in my opinion. It's both stable and accurate."— Gideon, from South Africa

"Good for alot of applications from guitars to piano 🎹 to even violin 🎻."— wild, from United States

"Great tuner guys, easy and accurate. "— User, from United States

"Nice & handy tunner"— Raj, from Canada

"Πολύ καλό!Ακριβέστατο!"— Αντώνης, from Greece

"Kiváló! "— User, from Hungary

"Best tuner for wp8, recommended!"— Andreas, from Austria

"Hay.zễ use cãm ơn nghe"— Người dùng, from Viet Nam

"no limitations! tune anything you want!"— Andrey, from United States

"Very very good and very useful"— User, from India

"Love it"— Wendy, from United States

"Funciona muy bien."— Mario, from Spain

"No any other like this "— User, from India

"This is a brilliant AP!! No so good for a gig where there is a lot of background noise but for practice at home... Yesssss!!"— Mike, from United Kingdom

"Szuper jó!"— László, from Hungary

"Best out of several guitar tuners which I found as highest rated - simple,clear, without sophisticated functions."— Michał, from Poland

"Love it"— User, from United States

"Κορυφαίο"— Kostas, from Greece

"Delicious!"— Matt, from Russia

"Güzel bir program"— caz, from Turkey

"Mutlu 😊 "— Mahriban, from Turkey

"Great app!!"— Distianto, from Indonesia

"Best app ever!!!"— will, from United States

"Очень удобный, простой и красивый"— Пользователь, from Russian Federation

"Very accurate. Better than gtunes on Android."— David, from United States

"Самый лучший из всех испробованных. Просто и эффективно."— Денис, from Russia

"Bardzo czuły, 5! 😊"— Adam, from Poland

"Най-точния тунер в магазина!"— Georgi, from Bulgaria

"exelente funciona súper bien"— Usuario, from El Salvador

"Megbizahtó hangolás"— elek, from Hungary

"Great tuner"— Buddy, from United States

"Très précis! Must have."— Arthur, from France

"The best Tuner that I find in this Store. It works perfectly. Thanks "— Benutzer, from Germany

"ก็โอนะครับไม่มั่ว ผมให้ผ่าน👍"— ประมวล, from Thailand

"Excelente!!"— Gustavo, from Mexico

"Geliştirilmeli"— cem eren, from Turkey

"Các Bạn đã làm rất tốt và có tính chuyên nghiệp! Trân trọng!"— Người dùng, from Viet Nam

"Kitaran virittäminen onnistuu loistavasti, mittari ei pahemmin heittele."— Käyttäjä, from Finland

"Gute schnelle Reaktion"— Clemens, from Germany

"Он идеален. Это лучший из тюнеров! Спасибо что проапдейтили для НТС !"— Роман, from Russian Federation

"Neat and accurate"— Matthew, from United Kingdom

"Very accurate and fast."— Jeng, from United States

"Ottima. Semplice e molto sensibile. Per la chitarra va benissimo. HTC mozart"— Stefano, from Italy

"Great tuner "— User, from India

"Tried several tuners. I don't need to try anymore because this one is awesome. Easy to understand and accurate"— Todd, from United States

"Super"— saskia, from Netherlands

"This is the best simple guitar tuner on windows store at present ^_^"— rear, from United States

"Now I hv learned to tune a 🎸..thanx"— swapna, from India

"So accurate"— Benz, from Philippines

"The best app for tuning a guitar"— Player982414997, from United States

"The best tuner in all the store"— בני, from Israel

"Works very reliably."— Ivan, from Bulgaria

"Perfekter Tuner, sehr genau. Echt super."— Benutzer, from Germany

"Thanks!"— Ri Rong Ron, from Singapore

"Excellent app excellent customer care."— Pekka, from United States

"Nice tuner, most responsive one i found!"— Teun, from Netherlands

"Helppokäyttöinen ja toimiva! Suosittelen."— Jukka, from Finland

"Very accurate, Labai tiksli"— Julius, from Lithuania

"Exeelente, mejor que un afinador que lo compras en una tienda de música, 10000% Recomendado "— Usuario, from Colombia

"Prosty I skuteczny stroik "— Użytkownik, from Poland

"Τελιοτερη εφαρμογη"— User, from Greece

"Sehr gut"— Matthias, from Germany

"Very good and fast"— User, from United States

"chuẩn ko phải chỉnh, tải về dùng đi ae Window phone"— Thanh, from Viet Nam

"One of the first apps I install whenever I change or reset my phone. Perfect by all standards. Keep up the good job and don't let the competition surpass you with features ;-)"— Josip, from United Kingdom

"Really good, works well best tuner I've come across so far"— Lucy, from United Kingdom

"Все прекрасно работает, сравнил с тюнером.. Для двора вообще красота) Для профессионалов не знаю."— Пользователь, from Russian Federation

"Ottimo, preciso, semplice e con bella grafica "— Steve, from Italy

"ทำให้คนหันมาเล่นกีต้าร์มากขึ้น ถ้ามีเร็วกว่านี้ซัก10ปี ผมคงเป็นเทพกีต้าร์แน่นอน !ฟันธง!"— ผู้ใช้, from Thailand

"Best ever guitar tuner with 100% accuracy"— Sooraj, from India

"Sehr sehr gute App!!!"— Jan, from Germany

"מדוייק להפליא!!"— BEN, from Israel

"Лучший тюнер, из тех которые пробовал lumia 800"— Пользователь, from Russian Federation

"Sauberste Stimmung!!!"— Stefan, from Germany

"Extra. Polecam.😄 "— Michał, from Poland

"Very quick and easy to use."— logon, from United States

"Супер"— Georgi, from Bulgaria

"Super 😎"— zdenek, from Czech Republic

"Simple, intuitive and precise. Works like a charm."— Devesh, from United States

"Perfect!!"— Juulia, from Finland

"Прекрасная программа! Очень удобная. Ничего лишнего! Моя оценка 5!"— Пользователь, from Russian Federation

"Airyware rocks! Nejvíc nejlepší ladička!"— Uživatel, from Czech Republic

"Fantastic app.,commendable"— User, from India

"Secondo me è il più preciso e anche comodo perché sfrutta tutto lo schermo."— Lorenzo, from Italy

"Great for wind instrument - This is the only tuner I use, and have tried so many. I play flute and found lots of tuners geared towards guitar, this was perfect for me. Just be aware shows the note as sharp not flat. So any B flats played would be shown as A sharp. Just fyi!"— Maryam, from United Kingdom

"Perfetto - Secondo me il migliore fino adesso"— roberto, from Italy

"It's a great tuner."— Kaspar, from Estonia

"Sans conteste le meilleur accordeur gratuit pour WP8 !"— David, from France

"Fast and accurate !"— BEN, from United States

"Druhá nejlepší ladička která je na Marketplace k dispozici. Tou první je placená verze této aplikace, která je bez reklam a se spoustou nastavení. Pro základní použití však bohatě stačí i tato osekaná verze zdarma."— Ivan, from Czech Republic

"Funktioniert super. Also ich hatte jedenfalls keine Probleme"— Peter, from Germany

"+5 - Отличное ПО"— Роман, from Russia

"Sweet tuning app. Works really Nice!"— torsting88, from Norway

"Puede detectar sonidos paranormales ok! ;)"— Usuario, from Mexico

"Good - Five+5 for this one ,I love it"— bobby, from United States

"Amazing very sensitive."— raul, from United States