Professional chromatic orchestral tuner for string and wind instruments. 9 octave tuning range, 400+ instruments, 900+ presets, noise reduction, strobe mode, oscilloscope, temperaments, 64-bit processing. Professional musicians and luthiers prefer this app. Available on iOS 8+, Android 4.1+, Windows 10+, Windows Phone 7+, Xbox One+

Free, fully automatic, general purpose instrument tuner. Suitable for most string and wind instruments. 9 octave tuning range, oscilloscope, 64-bit processing. This app is a choice of musicians looking for a free, simple, and reliable tuner for Windows Phone.

Entertaining app for kids and adults. Allows to create catchy, unique-colored artistic versions of pictures. Packed with a crazy Queerness filter, color balancer, direct camera support, and beloved RCND (Rotate Canvas Not Device) drawing system.

Kaleidoscope app with its own identity: it listens to the microphone and generates pleasing patterns based on detected sound. Fully configurable with 20 parameters, 3 mirroring system, crystall simulator, and live camera realtime processing.

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