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Available for:
★ iOS 8+
★ Android 4.1+
★ Windows 10+
★ Xbox One+

Airyware Tuner

Airyware Tuner is a comprehensive, professional tuning app designed for iOS, Android, and Windows. It helps you tune musical instruments quickly and accurately, whether you're performing at home, on stage, or outdoors.

The latest technologies make it possible to transform your smartphone into a professional tool for tuning any type of string or wind instrument. This app utilizes advanced signal processing algorithms, meticulously optimized for smartphone hardware, to deliver the highest possible accuracy in pitch recognition, classification, and instrumentation.

The tuner operates simultaneously in two modes: as a strobe tuner and as a needle tuner, offering the best features of both. It has presets for over 400 instruments, providing more than 900 alternative tunings to choose from. You can adjust the default A4 = 440Hz reference, calibrate to live sound, and apply various historical temperaments. The denoise feature is particularly useful when tuning in noisy environments.

The tuning process is simple:
Play your instrument one note at a time, and the app will show you how perfect each note sounds. Your goal is to keep the strobe bars steady while ensuring the gauge tube remains green and centered.

Additionally, you can play reference tones, watch the spectrum of the signal, monitor its waveform, and inspect the note frequency in Hz and its deviation in cents.

While the app was specifically designed to run on mobile devices such as Android and iOS, it can also run on almost any Windows 10+ device, including PCs, Surfaces, Xboxes, HoloLenses, or phones.


  • wide 9 octave tuning range: 15 – 8000 Hz (C0 – B8)
  • up to 0.1 cent accuracy
  • true strobe tuning mode
  • linear needle meter
  • ambient noise reduction
  • A4 calibration: 300 – 600 Hz
  • calibration to live sound
  • waveform inspector (oscilloscope)
  • high-contrast display
  • sharp/flat/3b2# notations
  • scale transposition ± 12 semitones
  • tone generator, pitch pipe: C2 – B4
  • internal/external microphone support
  • 400+ instruments, 900+ alt. tunings
  • customizable temperaments
  • customizable sweeteners
  • customizable stretched tunings
  • custom Railsback curve definition
  • string inharmonicity awareness
  • tempered note audition: C0 – B7
  • favorite presets management
  • user feedback and feature request gateway
  • fully functional FREE TRIAL

Reviews ★★★★★

"Wow ! Much more accuracy than clip-on tuner"— The Family of Cats, from United Kingdom

"Awesome app. Very helpful 👌👌"— siju, from India

"I have tried several different tuner apps and I got to say this one blows all the rest of them away. I absolutely love this tuner!!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Very cool"— Danny, from United States

"The utmost best tuner i accidently found, bar none. The only tuner that gives precise octaves on my Old Jackson after tuning. My Strat. will please me more. Thanx"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Best tuner app I've ever used. Fast and accurate. Interface could be a little less colorful though. "— Пользователь, from Russian Federation

"This app is amazing, it can detect the minute variations that occur from the moment I pluck the string (slightly sharp) till the sound dies out completely (slightly flat). I can hear such variations, but I have trained myself to ignore them for the sake of expediency, now I can confirm my suspicion that it is time to change the string based on those variations."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Unbelievable! Great, Accurate and with many presets for my bass - all tunings that I use are here. Thanks!"— Evgenyus, from United States

"Toimii hyvin vielä kun saisi avoimet ynm viritykset suoraan saisi kaikki tähdet"— Player384094782, from Finland

"best tuner ever"— User, from Indonesia

"Best app ever ;) "— Boris, from Slovakia

"Great tier - Really accurate and easy to use."— Scootymac, from United States

">¬ - 6, Starz - >¬"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Holy cow its great. 1MB for every instrument even harp"— User, from United Kingdom

"Sehr guter Tuner speziell zum Tunen bei Aktionen in Kirchen U. a. sehr funktionell, gut lesbar und äußerst genau 🎸🎆😀🛰️"— User, from Google Play (de)

"Excellent tuner with hundreds of options for us tuning nerds. Great read out."— User, from Google Play (en)

"非常好用!!!"— 飞, from China

"che accordatore! Un app buonissima in questo market pietoso! Complimenti, ci sono un sacco di strumenti! Il costo può sembrare un po' alto, ma provate ad andare a comprare un accordatore cosi! Quanto pensate che costi?"— Lorenzo, from Italy

"Great tuner - Great tuner used for 4 6 and 12 Acoustic and Electric. Always have a tuner with me anywhere ."— jimbob from the USA, from United States

"Super, die Strobe-Funktion ist absolut präzise und Tonhöhenstabil, sogar bei geringen Nebengeräuschen sieht man das Band eindeutig nach links/rechts (höher/tiefer) laufen. Die wählbaren historischen Stimmarten und Spreizungsvarianten für Piano sowie selbst programmierbare Temperaturen /Spreizungen machen die App sogar für den Profi interessant. Die App reagiert sogar im tiefen Bassbereich erstaunlich gut und braucht sich auch vor mehrere-hundert-Euro teuren Profi-Stimmgeräten nicht zu verstecken"— User, from Google Play (de)

"Классная прога"— Иван, from Ukraine

"Heloy.yes.Best.full.pero...very,verthankey.googl.pley"— User, from Google Play (fa)

"Just awesome"— User, from India

"soy luthier en aerofonos nativos del mundo, mi experiencia con la aplicacion es myy satisfactoria en mi trabajo, la recomiendo a todos los luthieres y musicos en general..."— User, from Google Play (es)

"Excelente afinador, aparte de que es muy completo "— Marco Andres, from Chile

"Best Guitar Tuning App.... - Period."— The Tarydactdal, from United States

"Logiciel efficace et très précis"— User, from Google Play (fr)

"If you're looking for a tuner that shows cents and is accurate, this tuner is worth a look. Took me a while to find and I'm extremely happy with it. I'm an acoustic guitar player and needed a tuner that would let me account for and quantify the indemic imperfections in each of my instruments... and perfect the tuning by cent. The $60 Peterson clip on has an acoustic guitar 'sweetener' but is effectively as inflexible as my Snark. Bought it, giving it away...This one for 5 bucks shows everything and is very easy to read. I've never commented before, this app deserves it... For more on tuning (and the reason I went shopping) ... James Taylor on Youtube, How to Tune a Guitar will open even a seasoned player's mind."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Very good! So many features. Thank you!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"La meilleure application.. Précision top.. Je recommande"— User, from Google Play (fr)

"Nagyon jó!"— Laszlo, from Hungary

"Excellent tuner for many uses - I bought this product to tune my piano during COVID. It works very well. Since then, I have also used it for tuning my Celtic harp and my harpsichord. I play Baroque music at A=415 and can now the to either equal temperament or mean temperament! Thank you for including these capabilities!"— DCPhoton, from United States

"Перерыл весь интернет скачивал многие программы несколько раз порвал струны Но это приложение самое лучшее настроил гитару идеально Всем советую приложение действительно супер Спасибо разработчикам действительно работает очень хорошо"— User, from Google Play (ru)

"Très lisible et bonne réactivité."— Jean-Luc, from Belgium

"just what i was looking for! Love it."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Really useful"— Jefren, from Philippines

"Fungerar klockrent!"— Annica, from Sweden

"Parempi kuin monet virityslaitteet. Ehkä hieman kallis, mutta oli pakko ostaa. Kokeiluversio ehdottomasti lataamisen arvoinen."— Teemu, from Finland

"Outstanding - I play a lot of different fretted instruments and Equal Temperament alone won’t do. I have an Appalachian dulcimer fretted in (almost) Just Intonation and Airyware sorts that out visually. If you just want to tune your guitar simply, get a free app. If you understand the functions available in Airyware, just buy it!"— Grumpywumpy, from United Kingdom

"Brilliant device! I would like the frequency display to be a bit brighter but the overall functionality is phenomenal. Customer support in responding to an e mailed question after hours shows that these guys are are very very commited to us. Well done!"— Trevor, from United Kingdom

"Ein zuverlässiges Stimmgerät! Danke 😀"— User, from Google Play (de)

"Perfect for on the spot checks and inotation sets"— sjpbailey, from United States

"Amazing application. It is more accurate than my hardware tuner. First time I am seeing such an excellent application on windows phone..."— axeacesam, from United States

"beautiful and functional"— Rahul, from India

"Suverent!! Funke som ei kula!! Tnx å d va værdt pængan <3"— Odd Jarle, from Norway

"Just tuned up a banjo repair - Awesome tuner. I use this with all of my guitar builds for setting intonation. Love that it is multi instrument."— Eric, from Canada

"A must have!"— Roy, from Netherlands

"Simplesmente ótimo. O melhor afinador que eu já testei."— User, from Google Play (pt)

"It's amazing, unbealivable something like this exist! Thanks a lot "— Federico Guillermo, from Mexico

"My favourite tuner - Tracks quickly & clearly, is also very precise. Switched to this one after years with Cleartune."— Lonecloud7, from Canada

"Great tuner ...Really tunings for things you never heard of."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Extremely accurate, easy to use, very versatile app and the customer service goes above and beyond to help!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"The best I have tried !"— User, from Denmark

"Thanks for a great tuner. Love IT"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Отличная штука всем советую, точно и быстро"— Михаил, from Russian Federation

"Accuratissima e completa di moltissimi strumenti!"— Andrea, from Italy

"Świetna i dokładna. Używam do odsłuchu mis tybetańskich i sprawdza się znakomicie. Polecam"— User, from Google Play (pl)

"El mejor afinador - Afina hasta pianos"— pablo agapito, from Mexico

"Đáng được 5 sao... Mình hay dùng app này trên Windows... Luyện giọng hát, chỉnh dây guitar rất OK..."— User, from Google Play (vi)

"Great app ❤❤❤"— Arun, from United States

"The best tuner I have ever used. Now I can finally get rid of my Windows Phone. I have used this app for years on WP8. Airyware has finally published it on Android and I couldn't be happier."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Świetny w pracowni lutniczej. Pięć gwiazdek to za mało"— User, from Google Play (pl)

"Love this app!!! All it needs is a transparent tile! I just erased my old tuning apps! This is the best"— reggie, from United States

"Excellent - It's a great application"— William Estivens, from United States

"Easy to use, worth the price - Is good, it works, and is accurate, I use it all the time and haven't given me any troubles. The best."— KEYS, from United States

"Really good - The best tuning app to a very affordable price. I use it for tuning my piano and contains features to make tuning as close professional tuning as possible. I like the way diffences in pitch are shown on the screen. The combination of a strobe indication and the color change reflects how well the key is tuned. But I miss a manual because the features are quite advanced and it’s not obvious how to do all settings"— PeterTheWolf, from Sweden

"Seems a really awesome guitar tuning app."— Tee, from United Kingdom

"Unison tuning and beats - Very good device, I would like to collaborate and sharing my job on beats to tune unison strings"— pferrari71, from Italy

"Fantastic"— User, from Google Play (en)

"В полной версии, кроме прочего, лучше чувствительность. Как музыканту: полная версия стоит своих денег, не хуже любого аналогового тюнера (вплоть до настройки мензуры), можно даже снимать базовые ноты аккордов "— Роман, from Belarus

"Best tuner - This app is an amazing tuner. Worth every penny spent. Just go ahead if you are looking for a more serious tuner."— Alwyn, from India

"Amazing ! Love it a lot . I like it . It detects my vocal too and display the chords now its more was to compose my own song chords using it. Even its amazing guitar tuner. Love it. Keep it up developer!"— Jangu, from India

"Ett bra och lättanvänt verktyg"— FarfarHåkan, from Sweden

"Excelente, no he encontrado otro afinador con tan amplio rango y precisión. Super recomendable"— User, from Google Play (es)

"Fantastic performance"— marcos, from Brazil

"Nice that you can try it before purchasing. Very pleased with accuracy and it is easy to use."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Exceptional Tuner - Hi is an awesome tuner, full of functionality and features. Highly recommended for professionals and amateurs alike. Makes tuning any instrument an effortless task."— HeckMan01, from United States

"Great for Pipe Organ Tuning - This is been my go-to app for the last couple years now. It works very well, the controls are easy to manipulate, and it is very accurate. Thank you for your good work on this!"— Redbullluvr, from United States

"I use this app to tune my pedal steel guitar. I use an adapter cable to plug direct into my guitar. I find it very sensitive, very stable, and accurate. I just paid for the permanent license before the nag screens even started. It's worth buying."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Best tuner ever! - Love it and was able to intonate all my guitars very easily."— IanIselin, from United States

"Been using this app for like 3 years now to tune my guitar. - "— OilOfSaints, from United States

"Very accurate and quick tuner. Also non standard tuning temperaments included. "— Wim, from Netherlands

"I’m falling in love! - Is the best tuner ever! Very impressed with it. Thank you so much for made this awesome tool for all of us!"— akustivation, from Spain

"The best i ever seen - The best tuner app ever!"— Marcelo, from United States

"Haven't used a better tuner. Well worth the price."— Bihag, from United States

"Best I've tried on Windows Phone!"— Nick, from Australia

"Forever tuner ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Worked instantly, very high detail, love that you can play with the hz directly! Using it for a guzheng"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Best tuner on windows phone. I've tried them all, this is the best. I teach guitar and this is accurate. Young students can easily tune themselves. Bravo!"— Richard, from United States

"Best of all. Excellent tune"— Player169868715, from Russian Federation

"Great tuner love it"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Best tuner (violin player here). Just get it. Every other tuner (mobile app or otherwise) sucked. This one's superb. If you think it couldn't be THAT much better, then you have no idea. It is that much better, and you can customize all sorts of things. It's the best. I recommend you get it, regardless of your instrument."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Increíble. El mejor afinador que he usado. Perfect! 100% recomendable 👌"— User, from Google Play (es)

"mui buenas aplicación"— User, from Google Play (es)

"Awesome tuner. Own a couple but so far this is my favorite for guitar tuning."— John, from United States

"Excellent. Worth the $."— Joe, from United States

"Very good tuner, actually works, lots of options and tunings I use it for my electric guitar 6 string"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Just amazing. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Congratulations - The best Tuner under Windows 10 phone (Lumia 950xl)"— jcpk, from Switzerland

"Précis et simple "— mobigeeks, from France

"Great tuner - So great, able to double tune a 3 octave marimba, from scratch. Perfect for home builder/musician."— Basement maker, from Canada

"Really nice for the price, strobe tuner is great for setting intonation. Has helped me, extensively. Highly recommend 👌"— User, from Google Play (en)

"works well. I've had it on my computer for years and am pleased to now have it on my cell phone."— User, from Google Play (en)

"An awesome instrument tuner."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Moim zdaniem, najbardziej precyzyjny stroik."— User, from Google Play (pl)

"Best tuner not only in wp8, but also everywhere. Nothing in android or ios is as good."— Klaus, from Indonesia

"Eccellente tuner"— User, from Google Play (it)

"My favorite tuner - Love this app! I have tuners clamped to the heads of virtually all my guitars, including a strobe tuner. Both are super accurate but the interface of the Airyware tuner is better and makes for faster tuning. Because it uses the microphone it is not suitable for use in noisy environments and /or where other instruments are playing. For me, practicing, it’s the best."— Blanco54, from United States

"This is my favorite tuner, and I've tried alot of them!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"App works great! - I’m a setup and repair tech, and this is my easy go to strobe tuner for intonation. Super accurate!"— johnny asunder, from United States

"Tuner - This is the best app tuner I have ever used. The vent feature allows me to tune to a John Taylor tuning with ease."— norwich guitarest, from United Kingdom

"For an iPhone tuner.. - Does everything I need it to do. Used for string setup and normal tuning, worked fantastic!"— vocaljones, from United States

"Excellent! Detailed enough for the pros, but simple enough for beginners."— Charles, from United States

"Best tuner on the marketplace"— Gus, from United States

"Extremely precise! Picks up a bass's low B-string through a crappy guitar practice amp that barely has any volume on!"— Sergei, from Estonia

"So nice that with it I can understand about graphs that when the move high or low."— User, from Google Play (en)

"The most accurate gtr tuner app in the market. Period!"— User, from Google Play (fi)

"Hyvä - Käyttää nettikameran mikkiä. Toimii."— Tapio, from Finland

"precise and responsive, a very good tuner!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Buena respuestas a diferentes frecuencias. Afino el bajo y la guitarra sin problema. Además lo uso para calibrar. ¿Funcionará para afinar un piano?"— User, from Google Play (es)

"Best ever - This is far and away my favourite tuner. Simply put, everything else pales in comparison. It is sensitive, accurate and offers tuning by note, octave, cent, Hertz, meter and oscilloscope. It also offers specific ideal tunings for many instruments. You just could not get a better tuner."— harpandlore, from Canada

"Absolutely brilliant! - I have tried many different tuning apps to help me tune my clavichord but the results have been mixed. Some were completely useless and others could pick up a few notes but were not able to detect anything at the upper end of the keyboard. This one picks up all the notes although it does struggle with the top two. It also allows me to choose and customise temperaments and set the desired pitch. The display clearly shows how close to the target pitch I am which is very good. Never has tuning been so easy or so accurate. This was an excellent purchase and fantastic value for money."— Horologist65, from United Kingdom

"This app gets the job done reading the Hz numbers I like best, out of all the other affordable apps Airyware stands out above them for accuracy, has a fair multi octave Hz range response, this app combined alongside with my aural tuning temprement setting skills saves buying the $1000 programs"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Paras viritin, mitä olen nähnyt. Tällä virittyy pianotkin! Ehdottomasti hintansa väärti."— Topi, from Finland

"Excelente! Recomendo"— candido, from Portugal

"Top profi Strobe Tuner App! Sehr präzise!"— User, from Google Play (de)

"I use a lot of meantone temperaments for Early Music and it works fine."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Best tuner app I've tried for my bass clarinet"— Tom, from Netherlands

"Works perfect. Best tuner in the app store. "— Bob, from United States

"Najlepszy tuner. Idealnie dopasowuje się do każdego instrumentu. Dodatkowo ilość opcji, które oferuje jest ogromna !"— Adam, from Poland

"Airyware Tuner - Excellent tuner........ I really like the noise elimination feature!! Works perfectly on my MAC-Mini and iPad........"— MrHamerT51, from Canada

"Tuner terlengkap di Windows Store. Akurat sekali, macam-macam instrument bisa, lengkap dengan denoise (agar suara-suara lain tidak terekam saat tuning), transpose, temperament, pastinya puas deh... Saya suka, saya puas. Terima kasih, Airyware. Yang gak beli nyesel. 5🌟"— Marcel Andrian, from Indonesia

"Best tuner. Pro tips: Pick fast to get the best tone right at the strike. Tune the lowest string down slightly as thick strings require lighter finger pressure on the lowest frets to keep in tune. The best guitars play well with no pressure so this may not be an issue for you. Check tone and observe correct finger pressure at other frets to find best style of tuning and pressure for that guitar. Main thing is to not tune anything sharp because finger pressure will only make it more sharp."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Haven't tried the paid version yet, the trail version seems to be more accurate than a Snark tuner , really a nice app."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Très réactif et précis."— damien, from France

"非常棒!wp上最好的调音软件没有之一!界面高大上!最重要的是!!各种调各种乐器都有啊!良心!"— 可欣, from China

"There is no other tuner that can compare with AiryWare, Period!"— Greg, from United States

"Good app, nice UI, simple to use. - Solid tuner. Nice aesthetic interface, and very responsive. I use it to tune my guitar in D (DGCFAD). I have it set up to a hotkey for quick tuning, or sometimes I pin it on top when mixing.I wish the window could be made smaller, but it still goes fairly small. Overall I'm happy with it, for my needs."— Dustin, from Canada

"Fantastic Tuner - I’m not easily impressed, but wow! I was struggling to set the intonation on my guitar using a headstock tuner and my ear,... but using this made it easy. Nice visual display show how close you are to perfect tuning and intonation. Love tho tuner!!"— martimis_maximus, from United States

"Best tuner app i have seen across platforms."— Lalnuntluanga, from United States

"Sehr akkurater Tuner. - Der beste Tuner den ich ausprobiert habe. Funktioniert wunderbar am Flügel bis 27hz. Sehr empfehlenswert, schönes Design."— IH VStG, from Germany

"Airyware tuner - I’m by no means a professional at tuning but this app helped me do what I had no ability to do before having it and seams to solve all my problems thank you. Dale K"— dsk806, from United States

"The best guitar tuner!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"So far... So good. Great for intonation."— User, from Google Play (en)

"I've played with many tuner apps just out of curiosity. This tuner app is among the best. I like it a lot."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Works very well - This app has worked out as I had hoped. Even better in some ways."— preagan72, from United States

"これさいあればどんな楽器のチューニングでも出来る。ただヘルツ数が見にくい。"— User, from Google Play (ja)

"If you play any stringed instruments then this is the single best tool available to ensure that you are always in tune. Also, the amount of open, and other types of tunings will help you discover a whole new world of sound and creativity. The BEST!!!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Great easy to use tuner, for all stringed instruments including drums."— User, from Google Play (en)

"utilissimo per intonare al meglio gli steel toongue"— User, from Google Play (it)

"In one word... पलंग तोड।"— Vicky, from India

"Recomendo!"— User, from Google Play (pt)

"Echt de beste app die ik tot nu toe heb gebruikt voor het stemmen van mijn instrumenten."— User, from Google Play (nl)

"Love this app 😀"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Sehr guter Tuner, nach freundlichem Checkup den Fehler schnell gefunden & behoben, ist super für mein E Gitarrenspiel 🎸🎆😀🛰️"— User, from Google Play (de)

"Uwielbiam ją"— Annia, from Poland

"Δεν πρέπει να λείπει από κανενός μουσικού το κινητό "— Stefanos, from Greece

"Awesome! - Working great!"— Steven, from United States

"By far the best tuner around!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Simplesmente ótimo. O melhor afinador que eu já testei."— User, from Google Play (pt)

"best tuner for windows - Definitely best tuner for wp8 and 10! Recommendation!"— Andreas, from Austria

"Great app - Used to tune a piano with relative ease."— Pianobreaker1982, from United Kingdom

"Best iPhone tuner I’ve tried - I have tried several iPhone tuners over the years, free and paid, and this one is the best I’ve found."— Skulldouggerry, from United States

"Funciona bem no galaxy j3"— User, from Google Play (pt)

"Very good"— ksh, from Hong Kong SAR

"so far love this app . very easy to use and very accurate."— User, from Google Play (en)

"This is by far the best tuner I’ve used. - I have an archtop and I need an accurate tuner to set the intonation. This is incredibly accurate and it uses the mic from my iPad in a way that seems to filter out the background sounds so it’s not jumping all over the place like other apps I’ve paid for. I also have a tc poly tune pedal and I still rely on this app the most for tuning and setting intonation."— muziani, from United States

"Sehr geil."— Benutzer, from Germany

"A very useful tool to tune a five piece drum kit and snare. Tuned to quarters, both heads, in an hour."— Michael, from Australia

"I've tried a lot of tuners over the 40 years of playing and this is the best yet. Well worth paying much more."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Bella e comoda, un accordatore che funziona!!!!!!!!!!!"— Daniele, from Italy

"Very good tuner app. I suggested a new tuning and the developers listened and put it in their next update. Very happy."— Mike, from Canada

"Absolutely perfect - My only bad thing is it took me way too long to find this app. If you're a digital recording musician on PC (windows 11), this IS THE TUNER for you. THANK YOU"— Levi, from United States

"Very handy tool, quick responding, thumbs up!"— A., from Netherlands

"Works as well as or better than either of my dedicated tuners."— Roger, from United States

"Vast amount of alternate tuning and a 12 string option that isn't just tone generator s"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Best low budget strobe tuner for piano! - I tried few tuners already but am very pleased by the features and sensitivity of this app, also the strobe feature really is helpful! Next to these pros there are lots of customizable features plus an insane big data base of presets and tuning profiles known through history. Big bravo to the developer! 👌"— Bosch Chr., from Belgium

"Whether I'm playing my guitar or taking a break from it (or someone breaks it...) I always keep this app installed Just In Case. In case I need it, it's removed from the store, anything. Thank you for seriously making such an outstanding app. It picks up every little sound, is well designed, easy to use, and worth purchasing."— Deanne, from United States

"Very good. Please Neinhardt 1724"— Tapani, from Finland

"O melhor! - Amo esse aplicativo. Rápido, preciso e com uma linda interface. Dentre todos que conheço para WP, esse é o melhor."— Gustavo, from Brazil

"El mejor!"— Usuario, from Spain

"Awesome! - Easily, the best tuner in the app world"— Randolph Palindrome, from Canada

"I've been playing the guitar for nearly twenty years and this is BY FAR the most accurate tuner that I have ever used. It is so accurate that you can basically "rough tune" your guitar with it and be pleased. Other tuners of this calibre cost a bunch of money... BUY THIS ONE!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"That's the best tuner here. Thanks!"— Barmaley, from United States

"Great! - This tuner works great! Easy to use and accurate."— SongSparrow59, from United States

"Very accurate, and easy to use..."— Anthony, from United States

"My God. I liked how the app looked and some of the custom tuning settings but do yourselves a favor. Whenever you're in any room on any day, do the room noise cancelling option. After trying that for the first time, the sound graph went like capturing a death metal crowd to an almost flat line and you won't believe how much easier and with greater accuracy your tunings will be."— User, from Google Play (en)

"I yse this tuner every day. And I play woodwinds. A strobe tuner helps us gain best control and intonation."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Best tuner I've had."— User, from Google Play (en)

"I have been looking for the extremely accurate characteristcs of a stroke tuner, but dont have a few $100 to buy one at the music store. This tuner makes my intonation adjustments quite a bit more accurate than my Korg rackmount device! I am pleasantly surprised...5 stars!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"well worth the money, I use this even to adjust guitar intonation. thanx for a great app."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Wonderful tuning app. I am using it for harpsichord tunings."— User, from Google Play (fr)

"Strobe easy tuning - So it’s very easy to find my note and it works in any jet or tuning. I love it! I’m really digging my Airwaves 5⭐️still the best tuner I’ve used that’s not a rack mount."— General_xfrostyx_Pigglet, from United States

"AMAZING!Recomendeed!"— andito, from United States

"Best tuning app on any platform! AWESOME"— Jason, from United States

"Very solid and accurate - I have used multiple software tuners for bass and electric guitar then also compared to a pedal tuner. Airyware Tuner is more accurate than the others I tried"— Gary, from United States

"Works amazingly well with my electric violin! Great job! "— RS, from United States

"This worked much better than other tuners I had when setting intonation 👍"— User, from Google Play (en)

"GREAT! - So good amazing app the best"— Ross, from United States

"Meiner Meinung nach bester Tuner App im Store. Endlich mal einer bei dem man auch die Grundfrequenz A=440Hz ändern kann."— Frank, from Germany

"Ogółem: 5/5
Projekt: 5/5
Koszt/możliwości: 5/5
Wydajność: 5/5
Dopracowanie: 5/5
Stabilność: 5/5
Użyteczność: 5/5"— Adam, from Poland

"The best tuner - I’ve been using it a week now. Works great for strings & reeds. I really like the waterfall strobe. Thank you for a functional, awesome app."— metLmike5, from United States

"very nice"— mirza, from United States

"Things awesome... I even had my drummer use it to tune the heads on his 5piece kit and was able to precisely tune the tops and bottoms of each tom... He absolutely loved it, therefore, my Bass and did three! Lynn Jason"— User, from Google Play (en)

"يعتمد عليه...على قد تجربتي ممتاز"— User, from Google Play (ar)

"Best tuner I've found so far. - Just started using this after having difficulty with clip-ons that fail to recognize the lower notes on my acoustic bass. So far, this is remarkable for ease of use and quality of display layout. The note to swipe sideways to get out of sub screens was most helpful!"— CatHerderJ, from United States

"Best tuner ever"— Varun, from United States

"Sehr gut - Funktioniert prima auf Version 10 - Lumia 950. Wir warten nun alle das die App weiterentwickelt wird. Diese Applikation ist die beste von allen Anwendungen dieser Art!"— U., from Germany

"Este afinador e realmente oqui eu experava para aminha guitarra ela e muito boooom"— User, from Google Play (pt)

"Love this tuner and have tried many. - Bought a few others like Tonal Energy which is good but I wanted easy custom tunings where adjusted by semitones & this app comes with tons & so easy to enter your own QUICKLY. Big full screen tuner is easy to see from across the stage."— momo low, from United States

"Independent guitar tech - I’ve been using this app for over a year now. I have several clip on tuners and a few pedal tuners which gave all served me well. Currently this is my go to for setting intonation on electric guitars. I do a fair amount of house call work away from my bench and have great success with this. Well worth the small investment."— SRayEGG, from United States

"PURRFECT - One of the best!"— Jan, from Norway

"Best tuner on earth - I absolutely love this tuner!"—, from United States

"This app is fantastic. I absolutely love this. Best tuner I've come across by far. Well done"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Great app i recomend glad i found it"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Soy músico, técnico en sonido y luthier creo que actualmente es de las mejores aplicaciones de afinaciación!!!!, solo comparable con PichLab, pero que ya no está en disponible. Felicitaciones al Team de Airyware!!! muy buena aplicación ... EXACTA!!!!"— User, from Google Play (es)

"Wow... So muss ein Stimmgerät aussehen und funktionieren. Punkt. Lumia 925, WP8 Black"— Benutzer, from Germany

"The best up to present - I have tried many apps but Aryware is the best for me. It is easy, accuracy. Firstly, I used trial version then purchased and I am happy for this choice. Thank developer."— vivami 29, from United States

"Exceptional."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Fast, Easy, Accurate - I use my computer for learning, recording music, and processing my guitar anyway, and I can't tune by ear, so I thought a tuning app on the same machine might be nice. I found this one faster, easier, and more accurate than the phone app I was using, and more flexible and faster than starting Ableton to use the tuner plugin. Glad I have it."— Al, from United States

"Buy it, you wont regret it"— User, from Google Play (nl)

"Awesome and accurate tuner! Different sweetener selection for applied guitar and piano. Digital display excellent. User friendly."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Magic - Bella precisa semplice e professionale"— marco, from Italy

"Really easy to use - Try it you’ll like it"— rustrocket, from United States

"To wyjatkowo dokładny tuner, precyzyjny, zarazem łatwy intuicyjny."— User, from Google Play (pl)

"One tried them all. This one so far is free and has all the accuracy. Try it"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Very accurate and easy to use. Nice app"— Cristian, from United States

"Perfeito, sem mais, atende todas as necessidades"— Denis, from Brazil

"Excellent apps"— Leo, from Finland

"Perfect app!"— Nilesh, from India

"Zeer goede tuner die ik gebruik om m'n klassieke gitaar te stemmen. De Hertz optie is hierbij voor mij heel belangrijk. Elke gitaar heeft zo z'n onzuiverheden die je met behulp van sweetening in de app kunt 'effenen' : de gitaar optimaal stemmen en daarna de frequentie van iedere snaar opslaan in sweetening. Ideaal, en iets wat ik nog niet eerder ben tegengekomen."— User, from Google Play (nl)

"Ik heb een paar dagen terug deze tuner geïnstalleerd en dat is volgens mij de beste App op dit moment voor het stemmen van welk instrument dan ook Keep UP THE good WORK!! Greetings of niels anderson"— User, from Google Play (nl)

"Erstklassig! Viele historische Stimmungen. Wirklich brauchbar!!"— Konstantin, from Germany

"Очень крутой тюнер ...А учитывая сколько там настроек и разных инструментов....То он в списке лучших"— User, from Google Play (ru)

"So far so good! I had pitchlab pro for the longest time, but sadly even the 3rd party app isn't compatible with my s24. But this looks great! Thanks!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Εξαιρετική εφαρμογή "— Αναστάσιος, from Greece

"Excellent tuner. Includes all the relevant settings. Responsive, looks cool"— User, from Google Play (en)

"the first free chromatic tuner that actually works, tuned my guitar to open c minor in a cinch"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Muito bom vale cada centavo."— Igor, from United States

"Very smart app. Like none I've seen. Kind of fun to use."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Fijne en betrouwbare app"— User, from Google Play (nl)

"used once real comfortable for tHe eyebALLs . exciting . yUP! 41/2 COOL<☆"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Замечательная штука"— StancherSundew, from Russian Federation

"Brilliant tuner for my bass. Amazingly accurate. Love the fullscreen belt."— Barmaley, from United Kingdom

"Awesome app! Fast, good, functional and without crashes or bugs so far!"— Ivan, from Ukraine

"Nice App!!! - Very useful and easy to use. The visuals are also great. One of the nice "extras" is the Denoise feature. My Supermicro fans are a bit noisy (BOINC) and this feature filters the background noise out. Nice! Worth the price!"— Joe, from United States

"La mejor calidad posible de encontrar en una app. Hasta nada se le compara."— User, from Google Play (es)

"This is totally cool"— Ken, from United States

"Been using this tuner for years. Now. It's feature rich with so many options that really makes playing so much better. It customizes to work with every individual. It's been such a blessing and support in my quest for original music. Thank you SO much😊 update 12-12: it'd been so crazy couple years but this tuner holds up. thank you so much"— User, from Google Play (en)

"جميل"— نواف, from Saudi Arabia

"Very useful for musician"— Mani, from United States

"De las mejores que he visto de momento en el tema"— Juan Pablo, from Mexico

"High precision Benchtop for Windows 10 - Fantastic for Restringing 6 & 12-string and Bass Guitars Paka K."— Gary, from Canada

"Excellent accurate tuner! - Does a great job setting intonation on guitars!"— Guitarwrangler 101, from United States

"Simply the best. Incredible. I'm speechless. Amazingly accurate, works perfectly."— Ian, from Australia

"Dobar i za tamburu ali malo skup"— Korisnik, from Croatia

"The best tuner ever"— jonny, from Sweden

"Semplicemente perfetto, preciso e con una vastissima varietà di settaggi, finalmente un'applicazione che si rispetti in questo market del ***** e che vale veramente la pena comprare! Gran bel lavoro ragazzi!"— Luigi, from Italy

"Excellent graphics - I really like the graphics and when I have two notes playing, I can see the movement and see if the temperment is right. I'm using this for tuning a pipe organ."— Jason, from United States

"Great to use on live pro gigs. Graphics make it clear and fast to tune. Not a lot of useless options that get in the way of the application doing its job which this app does extremely well."— g Fi iffn, from United States

"Well done, guys. And the oscillo line in about page just rocks! "— User, from United Kingdom

"6 starz !!!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Just what I was looking for!!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Wonderful - Very good"— Maudobem, from Brazil

"Brilliant, stable screen and highly visible, smooth graphics. It gives a lot of info, all the essentials and a few useful but non-essential items, yet manages to do so without conveying a sense of clutter or information overload. I am extremely impressed with the steady, reliable strobe. The tap-note buttons are a useful, great idea, especially when restringing as they provide targets to aim for, whereupon one can use the tuner for fine tuning. I'd give this ten stars if I could."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Delicious!"— Matt, from Russia

"Expensive, but this is the best tuner, worth it."— Ghazian, from Indonesia

"el afinador mas preciso que he probado en Android"— User, from Google Play (es)

"La plus complète et la plus précise des applications WP8 pour accorder ses instruments. C'est, par exemple, la seule qui propose une fonction de suppression des bruits de fond en enregistrant "à vide". C'est, selon moi, l'application à choisir sans hésiter si vous chercher quelque chose de sérieux."— David, from France

"Just what I was looking for."— Colin, from Australia

"only one and best machine!! Please make available the advanced one free."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Very nice, works like a charm"— Jurgen, from Belgium

"Thanks. This app is great, easy to use and accurate, even on my iPad. I play finger style and wanted easy access to a James Taylor tuning. I found it here, and easy to use."— jeolfe, from United States

"Ladička Airyware - Perfektní aplikace - doporučuji."— Jaco, from Czech Republic

"It's the best one I have found so far, great job"— User, from Google Play (en)

"The best for me when I tune pianos and other intruments. Oikein hyvä myös pianon virityksessä. Ostettu jo aiemmin Windows luuriin, ja nyt myös Androille."— User, from Google Play (fi)

"Wow, very good!!"— Eric, from Canada

"one of the best tuning apps!"— Navid, from United States

"A legjobb! - Megjelenésében és pontosságában is a legjobb hangoló program, és szerencsére már Androidra is megjelent, úgyhogy ott is tudom használni!"— Alex, from Hungary

"App perfeito além de mostrar a frequência, comparei com o uptuner que uso no computador e o resultado foi muito bom"— User, from Google Play (pt)

"The best tuner I've ever seen from any of the three app stores."— Philipe, from United States

"Por ahora, el mejor afinador que he usado, y llevo unos pocos."— User, from Google Play (es)

"Alternative Temperaments/Microtunings - Best app I’ve ever found for just intonation tunings.."— bloodooloop, from United States

"Great tuner!!! - This app is awesome! You can do things with it that will blow you away!"— old1958picker, from United States

"No comment. Awesome at all!"— Novridza, from Indonesia

"Great tuner, love all the presets!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"This is a excellent app , bar-none! Blows the pack away. If your serious about tuning a instrument then look no further."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Nice! - I’ve been partial to strobe tuners on Android but this is a really nice, accurate tuner. I’ve tuned pianos for almost 30 years and this is a pretty good backup for my Peterson"— RichKat81, from United States

"Best tuner app period."— User, from Google Play (en)

"I tried the various top rated tuners and found this one the easiest and most accurate to use."— Bruce, from Canada

"This app surely deserves 5 stars! Great tuner."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Muito bom, extremamente preciso"— Alex, from Brazil

"Excellent app - Thank you for making this app."— Raj Aziz Singh, from Canada

"Ottima - Un accordatore preciso e perfetto ad ogni esigenza"— michele, from Italy

"Highly accurate, almost too accurate."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Amazing. It did what i wanted, and what I needed then it did some other stuff I didn't expect ,or know I need but it do need it and it is AMAZING"— User, from Google Play (en)

"5 stars - Best tuner app I’ve tried. Analytical enough for the scientist in us, the results satisfy the artist’s ear. Get the sweetener upgrades, definitely worth it. Tried JT’s formula on my D18, pure magic."— sbennett3705, from United States

"Best tuner by far!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Funziona benissimo, anche per accordare oscillatori "— simone, from Italy

"HTC M8. Very very nice. \m/"— Brian, from United States

"Very good!"— Erik, from Norway

"Accurate, easy to use"— User, from Google Play (en)

"很灵敏 - 钢琴最低音 最高音都能准确测出"— 神逸仙, from China

"it works surprisingly well!"— Barmaleyer, from United Kingdom

"Six star never saw better"— vincent, from Australia

"Ein wirklich sehr guter Tuner! Er spricht sehr schnell an und die Anzeige ist gut ablesbar. Während die anderen WP7 tuner die ich ausprobiert ganz ok als Notbehelf waren ist dieses Teil absolut Oberliga. Gratulation an die Programmierer!"— oiuiuh, from Germany

"Airyware - It is a top notch tuner. I love it. I practice and perform music in some form full time. It is an excellent tool."— theoriginalbruce, from United States

"Unglaublich magisch!"— Timmi, from Germany

"wouldn't be without it, use it for 12 string universal tuning pedal steel guitar!!!!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Really great app, tried once, bought instantly after, mind blowing thing.. "— Lukas, from Lithuania

"Sehr gut! - Endlich ein Stimmgerät, das über einen großen Tonumfang korrekt arbeitet! Top!"— Markus, from Germany

"Wonderful tuner for harpsichord. The different tuning systems are very useful for this instrument. It also recognizes the violin sound better than any other tuner. Other tuners jump up and down with string instruments. Great job!"— Hall-Rocha, from United States

"Ok.Cool.Jest spoko. super. Cis niesamowitego. stroii. Podniecił.sie."— User, from Google Play (pl)

"Airyware - Best tuner I’ve found. Love the custom settings feature."— RCCarp, from United States

"Excelente, no he encontrado otro afinador con tan amplio rango y precisión."— User, from Google Play (es)

"Completely professional tool. Allows high degree of accuracy when setting intonation adjustments on bridges n saddles. My electrics never sounded better"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Amazing :P"— Caio, from United Kingdom

"Best Tuner, worth every bit of $5 - Hands down the most accurate and versatile tuner app for the iPhone. Love it!"— j0n3sy7, from United States

"C'est un vrai plaisir de d'accorder le violon et la guitare avec cette superbe appli !! Je vais l'acheter sans plus tarder...✨🤗"— User, from Google Play (fr)

"I use this app for 12 string E9/B6 universal tuning pedal steelguitar...I love it, works well ! :-D"— David, from United States

"The denoise function is awesome!"— Mark, from United States

"Nyt on kova sovellus tarjolla. Parempi kuin Peterson."— User, from Google Play (fi)

"Airyware tuner - It’s great looks and feel totally Pro ."— Shrekorelly, from United Kingdom

"Çok güzel"— Kürşat, from Turkey

"Quality application, well worth having!"— Nick, from United Kingdom

"Este app é extremamente preciso. Vale cada centavo"— User, from Google Play (pt)

"Great app!Love it!"— Vehuvoyi, from India

"me parece muy útil su opción de strobo de una buena lectura fácil de manejar lo uso para afinar pianos acústicos"— User, from Google Play (es)

"best tuner app I've yet t find..."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Great for setting intonation as well as tuning. I used to do all this by ear, but my hearing has gone out of kilter with age, so I rely on this app."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Best tuner to ever come to the Android OS!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"I believe this tuner is more accurate than the one I've used for years. Plus it tunes just about anything. My friend wanted to tune an erhu the other day, and I was a bit surprised that it had a preset for it."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Great app for tuning pretty much anything!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"The best tuner ever"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Best tuner out there"— alfiemoustache, from Portugal

"Best tuner I have used, does everything simply and accurately. 👍🏻"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Handig, duidelijk, precies en snel"— User, from Google Play (nl)

"Great Tuner!!! - I was skeptical when I looked at it. I have an old Boss SU72 and they were the first to have a lighted screen too! It never failed me although it didn’t like cold air but either did my guitar(s). Then I discovered this thing in the App Store when I plugged in Strobe Tuners so I am not sure it’s a true strobe tuner or just claim it is but either way it’s good enough for my needs. Also it seems to overcome dead spots that are normal with most other ones I have used before. It’s very versatile tuning my regular guitars (regular 6 strings, 12 string, my granddaughters Viola, and a Tenor Banjo I have and does it fast and accurately. I have tried many and this is the best out of the bunch!"— wookie12010, from United States

"Best in class that money can buy. Any plans to make same for Android? I bet many would buy this as I haven't found equal."— Jaakko, from Finland

"You can spend a lot more, but it doesn't get much better than this."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Works great - Works very well. I play guitar, and love having this app on my phone. Now I don’t have to carry around a snark tuner and worry about the battery. Definitely buy the premium version."— cdan100, from United States

"Perfect tuner app - This app is tuner on steroids. It is fast and responsive. It has scope function too. To go back you must swipe right. It is a little bit weird, comparing to modern apps, but you don’t have to aim on some button."— Bugxo, from Slovakia

"Schnell, genau, einfach nutzbar und trotzdem umfangreich konfigurierbar. Wenn Sie ein perfektes Stimmgerät brauchen, suchen Sie nicht weiter. Hier ist es."— Christian, from Germany

"Very nice app. I like that it has a strobe tuner. This helps when setting intonation."— User, from Google Play (en)

"The best! - Tuning the 77 strings (with over 100 notes since 32 strings have 2 notes each) on a hammered dulcimer is challenging. Other tubers are too sensitive or not sensitive enough. Airyware has worked surprisingly well. That it tells you how sharp or flat you are in addition to the needle is very helpful. Highly recommended by this professional."— HDashbrook, from United States

"Compared to Strobopro this one has a wider range of instruments and tunings. Nice easy to read UX."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Had it on Windows phone for many years (have it still in my lutherie shop) and had to have it on Android too. The strobe tuner is invaluable when fine tuning instruments, vibrating plates and membranes."— User, from Google Play (no)

"Не ожидал, но очень рад"— Maxim, from Ukraine

"Eccezionale"— Francesco, from United Kingdom

"As good or better than my Korg Orchestra Tuner. "— Pär, from Sweden

"Well done! Accurate and feature packed. I've tried tons over the years, and this ranks high on the list!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"This is the real deal. Thanks for the tune!"— Bagg3rs, from United Kingdom

"Świetny stroik gitarowy. Ładny interfejs i duża funkcjonalność"— Mariusz, from Poland

"Excellent, useful. And easy to use, thank you"— alejandro, from Costa Rica

"Vale totalmente la pena pagar la app, es la mejor en su clase."— User, from Google Play (es)

"La migliore al mondo! - Che sia un basso o una chitarra, questa app accorda qualunque strumento alla perfezione!"— Tonino, from Italy

"Fantastica app!"— User, from Google Play (it)

"Z mého pohledu téměř bezkonkurenčně skvělé zpracování a design celé aplikace, stroboskop, pěkné využití celé plochy mobilu díky otočení na ležato, moc se mi líbí i nápad s odrušením šumu. Vytkl bych snad jen nepatrně nižší přesnost naladění."— User, from Google Play (cs)

"Airyware tuner - Best tuner I found for my iPhone ! I also use it with my irig for even more accuracy."— old12string, from United States

"o melhor! perfeito"— Gustavo, from United States

"La mejor aplicación y la más completa"— Theomar, from Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of

"My favorite wp tuner!!!"— User, from Google Play (zh-Hant)

"Лучший тюнер."— Пользователь, from Russian Federation

"Outstanding - I love this app, reminding me so much if the quality Peterson Strobo types. Great work engineering team!"— steelvibe, from United States

"Worth it,encourages,young old what ever the case,I'm in"— Aune, from United States

"it's so easy it works every time ."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Very good and accurate, presets are handy."— Eero, from Finland

"D-dur - ☺✌"— Henry, from Faroe Islands

"Paras - Paras viritin."— Tapio, from Finland

"I use this app instead of my metrotunner an I am happy "— ali, from United States

"واقعا برنامه عالی و کارآمدیه!!!"— User, from Google Play (fa)

"Отлично, порадовало то, что частоту в герцах показывает"— Пользователь, from Russian Federation

"Great app "— Milad, from United States

"Exact and easy to use! Helps very much!"— Användare, from Finland

"Best tuner app - Versatile and accurate. Really recommend"— Doktor Misio, from Poland

"best piano tuner that I have used. - easy to use and calibrate"— Leslie, from Canada

"I actually like this app, it's genuinely great! ENOUGH SAID"— User, from Google Play (en)

"No paywalls, no ads. This is a feature-rich, high quality tuner. What's not to like?"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Strobe tuner. - Just as good as the analog version I’ve used in the past."— Linkboy1954, from United States

"Great - Amazing bit of kit"— Robbycob, from United Kingdom

"I had this on another system and its the only one I know that has the timbre adjustment, strobe and background noise filtering. I wish there was a switchable averaging damper on the display though its a bit twitchy. Ok for strings I guess, but for Brasswind too sensitive. Other than that, well done."— User, from Google Play (en)

"The best app I have ever used"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Used this app to intonate my bridge. I've tried about ten so called tuners but airyware takes the prize. Weel worth the price"— User, from Google Play (en)

"超极棒的调频器,随心而为,简约不简单,值得鼓励,希望更出色,支持一下!"— ka, from Hong Kong

"love it for intonation"— User, from Google Play (en)

"absolutely amazing, it has so many instruments that it can help you tune"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Tuner - This is the best app tuner I have ever used. The vent feature allows me to tune to a John Taylor tuning with ease."— norwich guitarest, from United Kingdom

"Utrolig velfungerende og meget præcis app! "— Tobias, from Denmark

"Simplemente me encanta esta aplicación,"— User, from Google Play (es)

"Good app for tuning - I like this app more and more. Once you get comfortable with how you have to navigate the app, you’ll find a pretty nice utility for tuning guitar, bass, etc. The last update dramatically improved the strobe-tuning function, which, for me, was the main reason I downloaded the app. (Needed a visible strobe to intonate my telecaster). All in’s well worth the small price for the benefits of the pro version."— inkman66, from Canada

"Great tuner - Really accurate and great to use, lots of options."— NZBilly, from New Zealand

"Exactly what I was looking for - Great visualization options and boundless of presets, I'm using it to calibrate and intonate my bass."— Gilad, from United States

"Aivan mahtava!❤"— Aurora, from Finland

"Great tuner! The best I've seen!"— mxbw, from France

"Impressive - Surprisingly precise"— gggggwgw, from United States

"Nice spectrum view. Have a 40Hz background interference, maybe from my lumia 1520"— l, from Germany

"Best tuner by far!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"The best & most accurate tuner in the store yet. Worth a try!"— mohd, from United States

"The tuning app to get. - Excellent. Does the job and does it well. Seems accurate to me and uwp app! Thank you! 😍"— A, from Canada

"This is an amazing app. I tuned my electric guitar with this and the results were perfect. I can now play with my band and tune quickly instead of buying a tuner. Thanks!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Harmonica tuning - Excellent program. Not many turbo tuners to match this one. Like it.!!!. I like the program I used it in preferences to other strobe program for tuning my Harmonicas. Keep updates for different makes of harmonicas. At present, your program appear to be the best. Thank you, mml"— lwinmg, from United Kingdom

"Awesome real time processing, considering on purchasing for that nice feature."— Angel, from Mexico

"Очень хорошая прога, всем советую "— Микола, from Ukraine

"Great tuner!!"— Joe, from Ireland

"Great tuner - So great, able to double tune a 3 octave marimba, from scratch. Perfect for home builder/musician."— Basement maker, from Canada

"Лучший тюнер, который я когда либо видел на смартфонах. Быстрый старт, точные показания, поддержка разных строев. Изумительное приложение. Рекомендую, не пожалеете."— ♪, from Russian Federation

"Best all-around tuner for WP 8.1"— David, from United States

"Melhor aplicativo no segmento que temos na loja até o momento. Bem objetivo e muito preciso também. Estou muito satisfeito. Parabéns desenvolvedores."— Marcos, from Brazil

"Excelente afinador - O que dizer? Um doa melhores afinadores da Loja, mais completo e funcional."— Lucas, from Brazil

"Awesome. Was looking for a stobe tuner for setting intonation. Exactly what I needed. Thanks."— User, from Google Play (en)

"This is awesome.. Pls pls pls make it free.. Plssssssss"— Darpan, from India

"Paid version, is the best most accurate tuner ive ever used. LOVE IT!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Excellent Product - I found this app user friendly and extremely useful to intonate my guitars saving $$ over much more expensive strobe tuners ot there on the market. At $5, its a great value"— madeofelk, from United States

"Great tuner! - This tuner does everything I needed to, plus more!"— DArthur55, from United States

"I use this app on my computer too, love the large display, excellent visibility."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Excellent app - I am a piano tuner who has recently returned to the job part-time after a 30-year break. I can tune by ear from a single tuning fork, but a decent tuner makes the job so much easier. I wanted a strobe tuner, and when I first tried this app, I thought it was fantastic value for money. No app is ever ‘perfect’ and there are one or two small improvements I could suggest, but I have found it to be responsive and accurate. Now they’ve added the new ‘waterfall’ display, the strobe is even better. In the past, a particularly difficult piano might result in me using a different method, but now this app is extremely reliable. Thanks."— Graham.R, from United Kingdom

"Bester Tuner - Ich bin professioneller Kontrabassist und dieser Tuner ist der richtige für mich. Ich kann unterschiedliche Stimmungen einstellen. Die optische Darstellung ist sehr gelungen."— WolfgangD., from Germany

"Five stars, no notes. - Does exactly what it says on the tin and no undesirable extras."— smerwin, from United States

"Perfect - Really good, effective, accurate and graphically beautiful. As a musician this is money well spent, great job Dev! "— Gianluca, from Italy

"Two word. The BEST!"— Muhammad Iqbal, from United States

"عالیست"— User, from Google Play (fa)

"Great tuner! - I’ve been using this tuner for a few years now and it’s as accurate as my strobe tuner. Awesome!"— koda1955, from United States

"Easy to set up. Easy to read. Nust about the best. Good for gigs"— User, from Google Play (en)

"this is by far the best tuner I have ever used and I just went through about 10 of them this one is the one you want 100% keep up the good work guys I love it."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Det er den perfekte tuner"— User, from Google Play (da)

"Best tuner."— Käyttäjä, from Finland

"Coole App. Mehr Metro UI würde der App aber gut tun. Trotzdem zunächst 5* für die Mühe und die Updates."— musikar, from Germany

"Best tuner app out there, the strobe function was superb and this is the only tuner app that can able to intonate my electric guitar which other tuner apps can't do. I will definitely recommend this to my friends!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Terbaik"— Aziz, from Indonesia

"great deal! - Worked great right out of the box very nice app "— lewis, from United States

"The best!"— Sunil, from United States

"Great accurate tuner frequency app works really fast.i recommend it."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Wonderful app. Great accuracy."— nihwr, from India

"Does a lot of useful stuff. Well worth it."— Andrew, from United States

"Ist der beste Tuner den ich als Gitarrenbauer gesehen habe."— User, from Google Play (de)

"Fantastic tuner! - I am right now tuning a big pipe organ and it works like a charm!👍🏻"— Tommon01, from Germany

"Outstanding - I play a lot of different fretted instruments and Equal Temperament alone won’t do. I have an Appalachian dulcimer fretted in (almost) Just Intonation and Airyware sorts that out visually. If you just want to tune your guitar simply, get a free app. If you understand the functions available in Airyware, just buy it!"— Grumpywumpy, from United Kingdom

"The best app for tuning and intonating acoustic and electric guitars."— User, from Google Play (en)

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"Best tunning app... Wowtastic"— Vicky, from United States

"Hands down the best tuner on Android! I've tried them all, and while many are great for a quick tune up, none have had the precision and speed needed to intonate properly. If you're looking for the one that stands out from the pack, your search is over!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Fantastic tuner, worth the money simply for the sweetening mode, which massively improves my guitar tuning."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Va bien - Es fácil de usar"— ACGffdd, from Spain

"Very good. Thank you"— Jeremiah, from United States

"Easy to use,accurate and clear graphics."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Очень хороший тюнер. Спасибо!"— User, from Google Play (ru)

"I typically do not review apps. I play guitar most days, and on the days when being perfectly in tune is a must, finding a good tuner can really brighten your day. This is a good tuner. Download, hit a string, listen.... Anyways, I think it's great, hope it works for you too!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Hands down the best instrument tuner in the store! It's well worth the $5 considering the cost of a decent standalone tuner."— Joseph, from United States

"Excelente, fácil, práctico."— User, from Google Play (es)

"An amazing APP for Pedal Steel Guitar sweetening! - There are very sparse instructions, however, you can produce custom "sweetened" with a few simple steps. Presets: For simplicity you might choose something like Chromatic / Resonance Low. Whatever you choose, such as a favorite like Pedal Steel Guitar E-9, your custom sweetening will over-ride it. Temperament: This is the non-intuitive selection. Select "Stretch" instead of the "Sweeten." There you're given a text-entry field to code the note adjustments. (See below) Here's an example. (it will cover all open strings along with the typical 3 pedals / 5 levers). This is the input code that will make it happen (you can copy and paste it into the text field): E-9 Steel : A2 0 10 8 0 -6 6 2 10 -18 6 6 -4 4 10 8 0 -6 -4 2 10 -18 -2 6 -4 4 ---"E-9 Steel" is just a given name for this custom STRETCH setting (you can name it anything, such as just "Steel", if you prefer). "A2" is the note that I'll start with "0 10 8 0 -6..." are the adjustments starting at A2 and going to A4 "— New, from United States

"This is one of the best tuners I've used, including hardware devices. It's versatile, easy to use, and incredibly accurate. Thank you!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Good for intonation. The little tuner I have isn't precise enough but this app did the trick to fix my intonation issues."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Great tuner - I tune my own piano since our music budget for Choir was cut. The piano sound so much better when it is done. About 90 minutes to complete."— Jon, from United States

"Best Tuner for Windows !!! - Great !!! Why not make a Universal app for windows 10? Great app"— Kostas, from United States

"Très simple d'utilisation et précis, le meilleur."— Tzounet, from France

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"Best app of the kind!"— William, from United States

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"文句無しに最高! t.c.electronic のチューナー並みに正確。 針の動きもリニアでとても使い易いです。 sweetningが出来る唯一のアンドロイドアプリです。 遂にチューナーアプリの終着駅を見つけました!"— User, from Google Play (ja)

"Just perfect. Thanks!"— Corinna, from Germany

"Fantastico - Accordatura precisa e facile"— Maurizio, from Italy

"Excellent chromatic tuner, spend a few bucks and enjoy always having a reliable backup!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Worked perfectly!"— Bobby, from United States

"Fantastic app - Perfect - handles my 8 string lapsteel and 10 string pedalsteel"— EbFo, from Denmark

"Sehr guter Tuner speziell zum Tunen bei Aktionen, in der Natur, in Kirchen u. A. , sehr funktionell, sehr gut lesbar, speziell von weiterer Entfernung und äußerst genau, bei Problemen - wenn mal wegen einem neuen Handy z. B. sehr schnelle Hilfe mit Erfolg🎸✨🕊️🤘🌈"— User, from Google Play (de)

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"Отличная вешь"— иванцов, from Russia

"The best tuner app available... - I’ve used a wide range of tuner apps and this is my current favourite. Very precise and gives a readout as to how many cents from in tune the string is. Also like the way the way the sweetened tuning offsets are indicated on the screen. As accurate as Peterson’s iStroboSoft, less expensive and hears the plucked string for longer. Used in conjunction with the Peterson Pitch Grabber clip on microphone can even be used in a noisy environment. Perfect for making intonation adjustments in a busy guitar workshop."— Nick Pearson, from United Kingdom

"Den beste tunerappen på markedet."— User, from Google Play (no)

"рекомендую"— User, from Google Play (ru)

"Brilliant - Very easy to use tuner. Makes setting intonation on my guitars a breeze. Recommended and good value. Cheaper and better than a headstock and works on my iPad and iPhone."— Birchy1000, from United Kingdom

"Been playing all kinds of new stuff on my guitar with all the many different unique tuning options."— User, from Google Play (en)

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"first impressions are very favourable. Easy to use good clear display lots of acditional tunings and instruments without going bonkers, there's no 31 string Phrygian lyre. was the best of the bunch of apps i tried including big names. thanks for your hard work it is much appreciated."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Best tuner ever"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Очень точный. Лучший тюнер. Больше нечего сказать. Если будет скидка, даже небольшая, сразу куплю."— Дмитрий, from Russian Federation

"Best I've tried yet, on the contrabass. The "buy me" page shows up to much though."— Joel, from Sweden

"Perfeito , ate hj nao congui achar nenhum afinado que ouvissem e me dessen os HZ das minha notas aguda ... Esse superou mt ... Conseguiu muito bem me mostrar o 7500 hz que eu chego! Perfeitoooo"— João Lucas, from Brazil

"Oikein hyvä myös pianon virityksessä. Ostettu jo Windows luuriin, nyt pitäisi ostaa uudelleen. androille. Mutta wanha Lumia saa olla viritysmittarina ;)"— User, from Google Play (fi)

"Лучший гитарный как для меня тюнер который позволяет точно настроить мензуру(intonation) каждой струны который работает от микрофона с наличием стробошкалы.Для настройки гитары в студии или при домашней репетиции в комбо усилитель.По точности это самый лучший среди внешних модулей для насторойки гитары даже несмотря на рабоу только через микрофон.При наличии смартфона плата за прогу уровня профи адекватнейшая.Рекомендую всем кто хочет очнь точно насторить электрогитару."— User, from Google Play (ru)

"Very good application"— Meti, from United States

"This is the best app tuner I have ever used. The vent feature allows me to tune to a John Taylor tuning with ease."— norwich guitarest, from United Kingdom

"Airyware Tuner - My new go-to tuner. It’s great!"— LMcontinuo, from United States

"This is the best tuner app that I have used. It works better than most physical tuners that I've had."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Love this app. It's so convenient and easy to use. I bought the "other" app and it's got way too many bells and whistles for me so I uninstalled it. Airyware's pinned to my START page permanently."— BlueMax, from United States

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"Extrem hilfreich. Inhaltlich und formal überaus gelungen."— Hans, from Germany

"I highly recommend this guitar tuner app and I have tried a bunch of them. I'm a pro and this tuner was able to intonate my guitar and bass with exacting precision. The interface is beautiful, easy and efficient. I've gone through a lot of tuners apps and this is the best! It will probably be the only tuner app I'll use from now on. So yeah, when my trial period was over and they ask for five bucks I gladly gave it to them!!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Highly Recommended App" 🎸 I rate apps only if they make me feel, yes this is so perfect. Airyware is one among the best apps in the store. Kudos to the developers who brought this perfect Tuner, the accuracy of this app is outstanding. Great Works Guys ♥️"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Great App - At last! Finally found a tuner that works for me. Easy to use, stable & accurate - well done."— Gflute, from United Kingdom

"Nice product - Easy to use, highly recommend"— ggtrguy, from United States

"Airyware makes tuning a breeze!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Outstanding accuracy and ease in turning my Yamaha 12 string. A superb tuner indeed. Thank you guys. 🙏"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Interessante la parte dei temperamenti, con una tabellina grafica degli scostamenti dall'equabile."— User, from Google Play (it)

"Fantastic , highly recommended , easy to use and yet very accurate and comprehensive. A must have for every serious player."— User, from Google Play (en)

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"The best off stage tuner I've ever used. Bravo."— Lance, from United States

"Fantastyczna"— Kamil, from Poland

"usually i never rate apps, but this one make my day. I immediately bought the full version after trying it... Its not overly sensitive to get the correct pitch for intonation, but its very accurate. Now my guitar intonated like a pro. It has strobe view as well which i like. Good job guys for developing this great tuner app"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Very easy to use."— Emma, from New Zealand

"Unübertroffen!"— Erich, from Switzerland

"Finest apps"— User, from India

"Wonderful, funny, useful! (physicist and musician)"— Сергей, from Ukraine

"Great buy - Very accurate with verity of instruments and multiple options John"— Winks5225, from United States

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"Der beste Tuner den ich bislang finden konnte. Sehr präzise. Die Ablesbarkeit ist super. Vielen Dank an das Entwicklerteam.😘"— User, from Google Play (de)

"Πολύ καλό εργαλείο!!!"— vagelis, from Greece

"I have paid up to $100 for a physical tuner that doesn't compare to what this tuner can do accurately. I just don't understand musicians who are unwilling to pay $5 for such a good product. This is by far the best tuner that you can purchase for your mobile device. I can think of nothing else to say but Thank You to the developer who created this magnificent app."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Fantastisch - Prachtige app. En perfect resultaat."— Louis, from Netherlands

"Excelente aplicación - Es una excelente aplicación, además de ser la mas completa para afinar cualquier instrumento musical 🎵."— Francisco Ulises, from Mexico

"Awesome!! Great interface There of useful and FREE features which is a HUGE bonus. I like to tune in the 432hz so this is a great plus. I appreciate the foreign tuning also since I play many genres of music on my Yamaha nylon string."— lori, from United States

"Excellent! I'm a luthier, and the strobe tuner not only works really well for tuning instruments, but also for determining the fundamentals on vibrating plates and air cavities!"— Leonardo, from Norway

"Now I can tune my piano myself. Accurate, fast, easy, reliable with all strings."— Juha, from United States

"Wonderful - Best tuner app I’ve ever had."— Brad-2022, from United States

"High precision - Very easy to use. The stability is also very good."— aher888, from Taiwan

"超好棒,至极高大上,功能专业深厚… 超炫画面,随你手指调皆,柔美音符跳跃入耳根让人沉醉…好喜歡…"— ka, from China

"I liked👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑it 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Najbolji tuner na windows platformi!"— Danilo, from Serbia

"Esta bien chida"— kevin, from Mexico

"Fluid, hyper-accurate, visually appealing - Simply the best tuner. Got it for my phone and now runs on Xbox One and PC, too."— Karl, from United States

"Most accurate guitar tuner !! - This apps work better than my Boss pedal or my Korg tuner, i use a lot the drop tuning like drop C/B/A/A# and even in very low frequency its still very accurate you can also do your own custom tuning, well i have a L1520 who got 4 mic so maybe it work better with high end Lumia phone !! Good work"— ׀и тћЄ M¡ŝī Ø₣, from United States

"Excellent app!"— Lama, from United States

"Очень крутое приложение ... заходишь в прессеты (Favorite нужно отключить) и видешь кучу всяких преднастроек - от каких то балалаек (включая гитару) даже до пианино и до неизвестных мне названий... сделано неплохо примерно всё понятно .. проверял по другим тюнерам - примерно такие же результаты .. настраивает нормально главное близко к микрофону подставлять чтобы лучше был слышен звук.. рекламу не заметил ... в общем очень достойное приложение ..."— User, from Google Play (ru)

"The best tuner! Barr none."— Robert, from United States

"6 stars!! Quick and on the mark every time I open it. Plus, it looks cool. Best tuner since pitch lab. from 11th till 28th still as good as it was the first time"— User, from Google Play (en)

"A BEAUTIFUL and VERY useful app. Award winning IMO. Thanks to the developers."— Darrick, from United States

"Allows different tunings for the dulcimer. Thank you!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Beste tuner tot nu toe wat ik ben tegengekomen vooral omdat je ermee kunt intoneren 🎸👌"— User, from Google Play (nl)

"Very sensitive - Can tune lugs on drums if u place iphone mic by the head."— Duouoggyy, from United States

"Awesome - Best Mobile tuner for the money."— Adkins50, from United States

"Very Accurate - Right up there with a peterson strobe"— Sanrif, from United States

"Best Tuner - Bes guitar and piano tuner for my purpose!"— LEJ-N-KYS MUSIC, from United States

"The best tuner ever!"— Alexander, from United States

"Very accurate and quick tuner. Keep up the good work!"— Wim, from Netherlands

"This is the first smart phone tuner I've used that works as well as my standalone devices. It works better than the ones integrated into my effects pedal by far. Quick and responsive."— McCormickMedia, from United States

"Excellent tuner - ignore the others - An absolutely wonderful tuner - accurate, responsive and very flexible. Had used it on windows phone before, glad to have it back."— HumanWithiPhone, from Netherlands

"Five platinum stars for sure. This is one of the best instrument tuning app's I've found in playstore, Lots of alternate tuning options are available. It would be a great improvement if some sensitivity adjustment was available. Six stars if that happens."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Best tuner I could find!"— Peter, from Germany

"Used it to tune my own piano (my first time ever). I saved God knows how much. Piano sounds wonderful as per kid's piano teacher."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Лучший!!! Реально вещь! Спасибо что починили для НТС8s ! Просто моя эвридэй прога, лучший из тюнеров!!!"— Роман, from Russian Federation

"Best ever. Denoise, strobe, accurate, fast, tons of features."— Jeff, from United States

"O melhor afinador que encontrei"— User, from Google Play (pt)

"Great tuner. Would recomend to anyone. Easy to use ,easy to see. Also quick to load, just what i need."— User, from Google Play (en)

"So... Here's the bottom line. The big name brands who are in this category who should have excellent mobile tuning apps. Don't. It's almost astonishing. Save yourself a lot of time and frustration, OK. Purchase this app and know the few bucks it's costing you is buying you the best mobile tuner available on the Play store. Pitch is dead on accurate. Many alternative tunes are available. To the developer: get some better quality pitch sounds in this app. Immediately."— User, from Google Play (en)

"I try more than 15 different app. this is the best tuning application ever seen. nice user interface, show result while you changing notes as precision. good job developer...."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Easy to use - even for a novice!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Meravigliosa! App decisamente professionale e accurata in ogni sua parte. Desidero fare i complimenti per quest'app di qualità!"— Emanuele, from Italy

"Best tuner - This’s is the best tuning app I have used by far it’s the one I will use for my guitar A+++++++x10👍"— Vstaylor, from United States

"Among the very best - This tuner app is among the very best; I’ve had the chance to compare it to an expensive Peterson desktop tuner and it consistently gave (almost) the same results. It’s a pity that it doesn’t exist in a physical device though; I don’t always want to get out a precious smartphone and unlock it, or keep it on my stand… If technically possible it’d be great if this provided a lockscreen widget for quick corrections!"— RJVBaussi, from France

"I cant crack it!"— Nguyen, from United States

"Jako dobar"— User, from Google Play (hr)

"Peterson Strobostomp for 4.99$ Accurate as hell. "— Richard, from United States

"Tuning an acoustic guitar in a windy day? I just used the 'Denoise' feature with a 5-second sample: worth the price alone. Try that with a stand-alone tuner... Best app purchase so far."— Cristoby, from United States

"THE BEST!!!"— Sreejesh, from United States

"Very accurate, easy to use and powerfull!"— Tsvyatko, from United States

"The only tuning app for WP8 with which I've been able to tune my acoustic guitar. Get this one for guitar - no contest."— Steave, from United States

"Great tuner! - Nice tuner for ukes!"— Raven eM, from United States

"Five minutes from trial version to happy purchase! - But I knew after the first minute! This is precisely what I have been looking for. My sincere thanks to the developers, and to Lofreck, whose post on talkbass made me aware of it. I wanted something for tuning my guitar and bass, and for checking my vocal intonation, that would give me both cents and Hz. It is wonderful how an acoustic guitar sings when the pitches are spot on! What the tuner told me about a systematic inaccuracy in my vocal intonation (and my musical ear, for sounds I am making with my own vocal chords) was something I had begun to suspect from using less capable and informative tuners. This gives me more useful information to quantify the issue, and be better prepared to address it. Again, a hearty thanks!"— Kenneth, from United States

"App can be moved to external SD memory. Very comprehensive display"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Really excellent and super accurate - This app is well laid out and easy to navigate, with high accuracy. The variable A pitch and customomizble temperments make it perfect for early music ."— Rushwarp, from Denmark

"Fed tuner. Det er meget rart at den kan fjerne baggrundsstøj og at men kan se lydene. Det er bare rimelig træls at det kun er til guitar og Bass."— PerpetualFungus, from Denmark

"Simply superb - Like the live waveform and accurate tuning. Would like a metronome feature to."— Jeff, from United Kingdom

"Besser als mein Stimmgerät! Gratulation und riesen Dank an die Hersteller super Arbeit."— Benutzer, from Germany

"ottima - Woww! Complimenti."— Andrea, from Italy

"Muy buen afinador"— Víctor, from Spain

"Very accurate. Best tuner on WP."— Jean-Luc, from France

"Super duidelijke tuner, veruit de beste en meest accurate van alle gratis Android tuner apps en geloof me, ik heb ze allemaal naast elkaar uitgeprobeerd - Paul D 🎸"— User, from Google Play (nl)

"Turn here to Tune - This is the first tuner app I've ever purchased, it cost less than a tip at a restaurant. Plenty of bells and whistles, lots more than I could have imagined. Well done."— Joe, from United States

"Detecta bien las notas"— User, from Google Play (es)

"Demais - Muito bom, extremamente preciso"— Alex, from Brazil

"Simply the best"— User, from Canada

"For the consummate and discerning professional... - In a word, the finest tuner I have found in thirty years of playing. If you can think it, this tuner can help you get there. The fine details and how quick you can get there make this a top tier tuner. Buy the in app purchase...what you get for a more than fair price is worth it. Thank you to the developer for making my life as a studio and gigging musician so much easier. I do hope this tuner gets the exposure it deserves. Bravo!"— Yayaya12439, from United States

"Very accurate."— Jean-Luc, from France

"Well worth the price, very accurate."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Beautiful app..."— Darpan, from India

"Wow a great tuner for the piano! - Love this tuner app, it has great range, best free tuner I have found 👍🏼"— Cam-a-ron, from United States

"Πολύ αξιόπιστο !!!"— User, from Google Play (el)

"Maglifica app. Ora mancano solo i temperamenti e la possibilità di utilizzarla semplicemente in modalità cromatica. Con ciò non avrebbe più alcun rivale."— marino, from Italy

"One of the best tuners on any platform!"— Nick, from United States

"Brilliant for musicians"— Luke, from United States

"Précise et fiable - Fonctionne parfaitement, aucune latence. Un must have pour tout musicien, et pas uniquement pour accorder vos instruments ! Je l'utilise depuis des années, et Airyware nous apporte aujourd'hui une mise à jour UWP. Que demander de plus... Merci à eux !"— Jérôme, from France

"5 Stars"— User, from United Republic of Tanzania

"круто"— User, from Google Play (uk)

"It are going well! So good and can make what promise "— josé e sonia zeviani, from United States

"Complete satisfaction"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Semplice e funzionale"— User, from Google Play (it)

"Best tuner"— User, from Google Play (hr)

"My favorite tuner app. Some tuners are awful, several are good. This one is my favorite. Good combination of immediate ease of use, plus expert flexibility where you might need it"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Really nice application thumbs up!!!"— User, from India

"Prachtige app."— Louis, from Netherlands

"What?! I paid for a tuner app when there are so many free ones? Yes! Because this is hands-down the best tuner I've ever used, be it app, pedal, built into multi-FX etc. So fast and easy, yet accurate enough to intonate a guitar. String bends need a little work? No worries, turn this baby on and bend till you hit the mark! Great app, thank you!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Ottima!"— Utente, from Italy

"Great application for guitar"— Michael, from United States

"Good improvements with the update!always the best"— Alberto, from Italy

"Excellent, incredible work, so many instruments and amazing response."— Aggelos, from Greece

"Impressive - Surprisingly precise"— gggggwgw, from United States

"Grande app é pena não ter uma opção não paga"— User, from Google Play (pt)

"I use the Airyware tuner app for my vocals. I have to have voice therapy, and the sound wave is an excellent way for me to train/tune my voice as close to the center (perfect tune) as possible. Using this for my exercises has truly pushed my voice in the right direction. Love it!!!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Awesome guitar tuner. Denoiser is very helpful."— User, from Google Play (en)

"super genau & exellent zu sehen"— User, from Google Play (de)

"I tried several tuners. Finally settled on this one because it shows exactly what I need to see, doesn't have unnecessary "features", and can give me instrument specific microadjustments (one of my guitars needs the g string to be slightly flat). It is in every way perfect, and well worth the price for pro."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Perfect - Works like charm. It’s got oodles tunings for guitar and so many other instruments. It allows you to set up offsets when you get fed up with the guitars inherent tuning problems. And the developer Sergio got right back to me with some detailed instructions. I like Petersen’s too but by the time you get all the bits and bobs through in app purchases you might as well buy a precision clip. Come on it’s 5 bucks. No brainer."— niborsilliw, from United Kingdom

"Excellent tuner. Includes all the relevant settings. Responsive, looks cool"— User, from Google Play (en)

"The BEST - This is the best tuner I’ve used on ios. It has presets for just about every instrument that I’ve heard of and many I haven’t, including many historical orchestral tunings. Having the strobe tuning in the background is awesome. I can create and store any tuning I want. VERY accurate. Simple to use. Has a noise filter that calibrates by first recording background noise, such as a fan or street noise and then filters it out while tuning so as to be that much more accurate! And much more. There are a lot of tuners out there and I’ve tried most of them since the iPhone 1 and in my opinion this one is the best!"— moukeefe, from United States

"Really good. Has various temperaments, you can tune up or down some cents, produce that note in sustain mode which i need to test tuning. Iam using 22 shruti tuning. How can i check if its right"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Very high precision, I can tune intonation, although a in app tutorial or button would help those who are not made aware how to do it by a professional. I also use a 7 string. More settings for that, 8 string and basses would be helpful."— User, from Google Play (en)

"The best among the better ones"— User, from Google Play (es)

"I've been playing solo (unaccompanied) instrumental acoustic guitar professionally for over 20 years. Poor tuning is a drag in a band; when you're on a stage all by yourself it is a disaster, wrecking your concentration and making you look like an amateur. I use a quirky tuning of -52 cent plus tempering with the James Taylor adjustments, a tuning that is customized to my string gauge and preferred string tension. It has been a pain to do this with almost every physical tuner I've ever had...but Airware Tuner makes it incredibly easy and accurate. I use an inexpensive Samsung J7 phone so the mic is not great but nonetheless, the AT works to perfection when compared to a laboriously checked physical strobe. I use the numeric display when recording and the super bright =/- display for dark stages. The moving needle display is great for quick informal tuning that will STILL get you closer than most anything you've probably used. Now I can ditch the physical tuner and use my phone, which I always have anyway. Anyone who doesn't think this is worth the price is a poser, IMHO. An extremely well designed, thoughtful and effective solution to super accurate tuning. LOVE IT!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Airyware - Superb tuner app, unbeatable."— davidjones357, from United Kingdom

"лучший тюнер!!!!! просто самый лучший!!!! Купил за 100грн и не жалею, очень нужный для всех музыкантов, у кого Андромеда. Купите один раз и всегда пользуйтесь. Я им пользовался ещё на виноватым фоне. У них свой обрабатывают процессор 64битный. Это самый лучший тюнер."— User, from Google Play (ru)

"Cái này là để cho những ai học thanh nhạc thôi.Dùng để đo âm ,lên được quãng mấy"— le trung, from Vietnam

"Amazing tuner app, most likely the best one I've ever tried. So good that I even paid for the full version! Not that it is necessary for the functionality in any way, but the app's visual appearance could benefit from a "facelift", to make it look less like it was designed in 1998."— User, from Google Play (sv)

"It's so Great. My piano thanks People of Airyware."— gilberto, from Italy

"I love this tuner - I use it on my phone to tune harmoniums. I just used it to tune a 135 reed scale changer harmonium. It’s was so easy to read that I just flew thru the work. Thanks!"— Dana Grant, from United States

"Just great - The perfect tuner with so many options"— Dick Wallis, from United Kingdom

"Moc. Nie ma w sklepie innego tunera, który mógłby chociaż zbliżyć się do tego."— Martin, from Poland

"best guitar tuner with the most options!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Very accurate!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"I compared it to the real deal from back in the day, $$$$... Download it and get it done."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Bagus bangeet coba dounload deh yg blm punya 🤩"— User, from Google Play (id)

"Muy Bueno. Interfaz fascinante. El mejor afinador de los que he probado."— Roberto, from Spain

"Outstanding tuner - Versatile, and very accurate what else could you want?"— marcus edwardus, from United States

"It's a category on its own"— chrisanthi, from United Kingdom

"Great tuner app. - Works surprisingly well. I use the free version which you have to wait 10 seconds every 30 seconds of using. Seems to work better than other tuning apps I’ve used so it’s worth waiting 10 seconds. I’ll probably buy the paid version eventually."— Psych336, from United States

"This tuner is awesome and light years ahead of any other imho."— User, from Google Play (en)

"I really like this Airyware tuner app. It is great! I use it all the time. Glad I got it. I tell others about it. I highly recommend it. I believe you won't go wrong if you get this app. I used it, then got the paid version, it has paid for it's self."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Шикарно работает и даже самые низы отлично тянет. Единственное но - дороговато конечно."— Welcome Night, from Russian Federation

"Best tuner, probably in all mobile platforms !!!"— User, from United Kingdom

"WP上竟然也有吉他调音软件,我很感动,感谢开发者!只是31元对我来说有点贵了,我是学生啊。。"— John, from China

"If I had $4.99 I would invest it in this app... it has everything I was hoping for and so much more !! I LOVE IT! ♡ this app is super easy to use"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Great product here works every time and is great for fine-tuning"— User, from Google Play (en)

"A fantastic app - very useful, covering every instrument imaginable, plus many that I've never heard of, but I'll be able to tune if ever the need arises! Superb!"— James, from United Kingdom

"Great Piece of Musical Equipment - For those of us who change guitar tunings often, this tool is magic. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Developer."— Eric, from United States

"Идеально для гитары и пианино, супер"— User, from Google Play (ru)

"Melhor Indico a todos"— User, from Google Play (pt)

"Круто - Клас"— Vladyslav, from Ukraine

"Excellent! Works flawlessly and I can't imagine an instrument that isn't on the list. I use it every day."— Jeff, from United States

"precise calibrate"— User, from Google Play (en)

"I use it to tune violin, it works perfectly. The best tuner in marketplace now. "— ipalopezhentsev, from Russian Federation

"Awesome tuner!"— User, from United States

"Jak na Tuner w telefonie - świetny."— Paweł, from Poland

"Super accurate tuner"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Лучший виртуальный тюнер! Купил его сразу же после установки демо-версии и нисколько не жалею об этом! Разработчики, молодцы) 5+"— Семён, from Russian Federation

"Did my piano with it. - Awesome."— justinharass, from Canada

"Accurate - Accurate and many functions for non standard tunings."— sheriff hutton, from United Kingdom

"Simply the best guitar tuner out there."— User, from Google Play (en)

"I use this professionally as a solo fingerstyle guitarist. Tuning and intonation are critical when you are out there by yourself with just your guitar. Airyware Tuner's James Taylor tuning is perfect for overall consistency of intonation up and down the neck. Well worth the price for a very well conceived, and executed, app that pays for itself in the first few minutes of use on the band stand."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Yeah it’s great! - Just tuned up new strings on a mandolin. Very impressive display and accuracy. So much faster response and resolution than the headstock tuner that works, but doesn’t have the response needed for quickly bringing 8 strings together and making the instrument sound better. Thank you."— Usufabil, from United States

"Airyware tuner is great. I've been using it periodically for two years now. I use it to adjust the intonation on electric guitars, for which high precision is necessary. The display for tuning is excellent, and the options for different tunings and instruments is vast and inspiring. Highly recommended"— User, from Google Play (es)

"Awesome app, plain and simple. Totally worth it"— Daemr0n, from United States

"The tuner is Perfect, thank You."— Kalervo, from Finland

"gran mejøra felicidades de gran experiencia cøn la app"— User, from Google Play (es)

"Лучший тюнер!!! В демо версии полностью функционирует."— BiasedBuckle35, from Russian Federation

"I was sceptical about the use of a tuner on my phone but how wrong I was. It is very accurate and efficient, in noisy environments the denoise feature is a boon. Easy and intuitive user interface. Remember this is a universal tuner for almost all instruments."— User, from Google Play (en)

"I tried a few different tuners for my 12-string. This was the only one I found that would let me tune 3 semitones down without buying the premium version. Simple, very nice."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Absolutely excellent....superb!!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Great tuner - This is a very professional tuner. It is the best you can get at any price. I was looking at a very expensive tuning app until I found Airyware tuner. It surpasses all my expectations in every sense. Great for guitar, band and orchestra instruments. It would even work for a professional piano tuner!"— Arwood's Jewelry, from United States

"Шикарная вещь"— de7b, from Russian Federation


"Excellent for Yamaha CP70 - I used this app on my iPad Air2 to the tune all 73 keys of my vintage Yamaha CP70b electric grand piano and can’t believe how good it sounds! So I put it on my phone and now use it for tuning the guitar and bass players instruments in my band. I did use the trial and was happy, so today I purchased the full license version. Thank you for a great product!"— SynthLord73, from United States

"Awesome for setting intonation as well as a great tuner !"— dtcycleman, from United States

"Best tuner I found. Even on my old mobile, it is fast and responsive, quickly picking the notes."— Timothy, from Australia

"Best free tuner I've tried. Like the noise canceling option."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Best tuner - As good as my Petersen strobe. At a lot less cost and it’s always handy"— Jochiro, from United States

"Unbeatable product..."— balachandra, from India

"Love this tuner ! - Fantastic tuner in every way ! Great graphics, accurate and fun to use ! Get it !"— adobbers, from United States

"Ik had m al op de Windows phone. Werkt heel goed."— User, from Google Play (nl)

"Great tuner - Just what I was looking for. Easy to use, very intuitive."— fontanot, from United States

"🎸 - 👍🏻👍🏻😘"— Shahromdin, from Malaysia

"Airyware Tuner - Been playing for 30 years tried a lot of tuner apps Best one I’ve used, you can set your intonation with this Tuner my hats off to this app"— neil5636, from United States

"Der beste Tuner!"— Andreas, from Germany

"文句無しに最高! t.c.electronic のチューナー並みに正確。 針の動きもリニアでとても使い易いです。 遂にチューナーアプリの終着駅を見つけました!"— User, from Google Play (ja)

"Für den guten Ton! Funktioniert wunderbar!"— Heinz, from Germany

"Been playing guitar and using tuning apps for almost as long as they've been available. I used this app for literally about 1.3 minutes and instantly knew that there could simply be no better. Nothing, in ANY way, could I ask for more out of Airyware Tuner can assure that I'll never be installing another one unless they come out with one that actually turns the pegs for you! I thank the very gracious developers tremendously for all their hard work and couldn't see any need for an update anytime in the near future!"— Anthony, from United States

"Increíble - Es el mejor afinador que usé en cualquier plataforma. Comencé a usarlo en Windows phone, luego en Android y recientemente en Windows desktop. Es el mejor por lejos."— Facundo, from Argentina

"Love it - Super good"— ahdjcjdkdjs, from United States

"Great ! - Very happy with this app, best one in the store"— Giovanni, from Netherlands

"Utmärkt!"— jimmy, from Finland

"Incredibly sensititive, precise, and fluid - Of all of them, THIS is the app that I would miss if I ever switched to another platform. It is so accurate that I have been able to determine which direction a string in a unison is off. Or if you need to quantify the noisy air handler above your cubicle - it will tell you how loud and what note. "— Karl, from United States

"Paras ja tarkka. Onneks taas toimii.."— Käyttäjä, from Finland

"Nagyon jó!"— Zoltán, from Hungary

"This app is amazing. The GUI is phenomenal. I really like the ability to filter out ambient noise and allow you to tune without that interference."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Best iOS tuner I’ve found - I’ve been playing guitar for a long time, but I don’t consider myself more than intermediate. Most free tuners are okay for simple tuning needs. (you’d be surprised how much quality varies, however.) When I got my newest electric guitar, I needed an iOS tuner that was advanced enough to help me fix the terrible factory intonation. Luckily I found this app in my research in learning how to set intonation! I was always too scared to fix stuff like that on my own, and now I finally can—I feel like I leveled up "— YouBecha, from United States

"There's no way to tune your guitar more accurately using an app. After playing for 48 years, 29 of those professionally, i have some idea of what a tuned guitar sounds like."— User, from Google Play (en)

"The best I have used - It simply works, for guitar and bass. Many others I have tried fall down on the bass this one does not."— smith357, from United States

"Excellent product - Simple and easy to use. Highly recommended."— Natalie, from Canada

"Responsive and Easy To Use - Good visuals and color scheme make using this app quick and intuitive."— Idaho Small Business Driver, from United States

"Great! - This works great and is very accurate. This is incredibly helpful for alternate tunings and intonating a guitar or bass."— yvhxhcrjendjdiebxbddjdhd, from United States

"Worth it! - Great tuner app, worth the couple of coffees it cost. Helpful making tweaks before working with my cheap crappy tuner-lacking DAW, interface is sweet and simple and the noise reduction works great to get rid of any buzz left over from the cheap crappy DI box."— Kristoffer, from Canada

"то что надо!!!"— Сергей, from Russian Federation

"Five Stars - This tuner is easy to use and works great. The price is very reasonable too."— Eric, from United States

"Супер тюнер не віриться що він щей на стільки маленький."— Yura, from Ukraine

"best app for android! I own many clip on tuners and this tuner is my fave.."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Virker perfekt - Præcis og let stemning."— Anders, from Denmark

"Best app!"— Marco, from Italy

"The best app for sitar"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Sensitive, accurate, clear and easy to use. My daughter 's violin is now always pitch perfect. I also appreciate the string pre-sets and tone generator of the paid version. Thank you. "— David, from Luxembourg

"Keren"— User, from Google Play (id)

"O app vale cada centavo, o mais preciso da categoria, o melhor de todos os q já adquiri, interface intuitiva e bela, sensibilidade perfeita afina 100% qq instrumento, anula ruídos, só precisa deixar funcionar sem ser tela cheia, msm assim estou dando 5 estrelas, parabéns aos desenvolvedores !!"— User, from Google Play (pt)

"Just took delivery of a 1960's Virginal. Very out of tune. I bought this and am really impressed. It sounds great now. I'm looking forward to trying out baroque tuning."— Nick, from United Kingdom

"Preciso e personalizzabile"— User, from Google Play (it)

"This is great. Came here for the James Taylor sweet spot tuning which is very conveniently preset. This is a very good tuner, thanks."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Tuned up - Great to know! Easy to read and quite accurate. Highly recommended!"— hairpuller, from United States

"Very Good - I like the visual tuning feed back"— Glenn, from United States

"Selbst vollwertige Stimmgeräte verrichten ihren Dienst nicht besser als dieser Tuner. Selbst dir tiefe H-Saite beim Bass wird mühelos erkannt, was für einen Mikrofontuner nicht selbstverständlich ist!!"— Spieler84595357, from Germany

"Great app! - Use it all the time!"— inick2005i, from United States

"Airyware Tuner is great! - Absolutely great app! I like the denoise function especially! The strobe feature really helps visually."— glabrous angel, from Canada

"Amazing. Flawless. Best tuner out there."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Best tuner ever. I use it since I first got a smartphone, which was a Nokia lumia. Great work guys!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Отлично - Быстрый и точный, удобно показана информация"— Xoqp4ek, from Russia

"I use this to tune a violin, guitar and ukulele. I have used the Windows and Android version. All of my experiences are great. Really easy to use and does exactly what it say it does 😊"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Recommend - Very accurate, easy to use. No hard sell - try before you buy. Worth every penny."— homesicksteve, from United Kingdom

"Very Powerful! Extremely Sensitive! - Thanks for the hard work and the plethora of available options."— tech, from United States

"Great accurate as hell"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Been using this for years. Whoever made this is an absolute genius"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Accuracy is high."— 使用者, from Taiwan, Province of China

"Iszonyat jó és pontos! Kicsit drága (mondjuk ha bejön a szöveg, hogy lejárt a trial, csak letörlöm és újra felrakom) de messze a legjobb hangoló app. "— Szakács, from Hungary

"Most accurate tuner I've found on WP....and works as well as my Boss Chromatic. I'd like it to look more "cool", but that's just nit-picky. Great app!"— Scott, from United States

"Sehr gute und einfache App. Ich nutze sie zum Gitarre stimmen ;)"— Marc, from Germany

"Simply awesome - Best tuner out there! Highly recommended."— Mncn dot com, from United States

"Great tuner - Love it"— lisaa1977, from United Kingdom

"This is the greatest tuner on the marketplace. Very accurate and featurefull. Highly recommended! Samsung Omnia W"— Michael, from Sweden

"It tunes the high e correctly..most tuners sharpen the high e"— User, from Google Play (en)

"The best tuning app ever!!!!!!"— William, from United Kingdom

"率直な感想 - 面白いです。"— 岸, from Japan

"Solid tuner. Easy to use and has presets for lots of instruments."— User, from United States

"很好用,可以用来给钢琴、吉他调音。"— 天浩, from China

"That thing is awesome... I never expected that quality on a phone..."— Oliver, from Germany

"My guitar teacher loves his iPhone app and never saw anything better... UNTIL NOW! Great job guys!"— Jim, from United States

"Definitely best tuner for wp8! Recommendation!"— Andreas, from Austria

"Se potessi usarla sul palco lo farei. Perfetta"— Federico, from Italy

"This is the most comprehensive tuner I have ever seen. I actually bought it and recommend other serious musicians give it a go."— User, from Google Play (en)

"thanks for make it zero dollar for limited offer, great exclusive app fpr musicians"— Vishera, from Indonesia

"Good for both directions: for me to sing a note and it tell me what I'm singing and whether it's in tune, and also for it to play me a note as a guide when I need to know what note to start on."— Simon, from Australia

"I love this app! The difference it has made in my guitar tuning is amazing. I can't wait to try this algorithm on a piano tuning."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Even tunes pianos - As a piano tuner, I have found this app to be the best and easiest to read. It has some features that are superior to my professional software presently being used."— Revival Drive, from United States

"Tôt rất tốt chi tiết"— tuyen, from Viet Nam

"Outstanding. More accurate than any other tuner I've tried on my HTC 8X, or on my Nexus 7. Bought it after a trial, and it's well worth the price."— Elliot, from United Kingdom

"La meilleure appli, avec des sweeten réglages, et une super precision."— User, from Google Play (fr)

"Best guitar tuner ever used."— User, from Google Play (fr)

"Best tuner app"— User, from India

"عالی"— User, from Google Play (fa)

"Un accordeur qui gère tout type d’accordage (pour chaque corde) y compris celui de James Taylor. Tout est customisable niveau accordage comme aucun autre jusqu’ici et j’en ai testé. Il est également très précis. Pour refaire un profil « denoise » activez-le puis maintenez le bouton."— User, from Google Play (fr)

"Excellent tuner for my bass!!!"— Teppo, from Finland

"Didn't think it would work so well. Very accurate on my 10 string bass.."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Best tuner for WP! And cheaper than a normal one. Love it!"— chase, from United States

"Best guitar tuner at the moment."— Player614379750, from Finland

"Ich habe alle existierenden Gitarren Tuner, die es fürs Windows Phone gibt, ausprobiert. Dies ist der Einzige, welcher auch die tiefen Töne richtig erkennt. Testversion ist ohne Einschränkungen. Habe, da er so gut funktioniert, trotzdem die Vollversion gekauft. "— Rekfa, from Germany

"Very accurate very easy especially alternative tunings. Look, you ALWAYS have your phone right? So now you ALWAYS have an excellent tuner. No excuses. TUNE IT OR DIE!!!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"5+"— Islaele, from Italy

"лучший тюнер!!!!! просто самый лучший!!!!"— User, from Google Play (ru)

"Najlepszy jak znam."— User, from Google Play (pl)

"By far the best the best I used, on my new Lumia 929 (but also much better than any similar app I tried jon my old iPhone 4). Fast and accurate!"— Carlo Alberto, from Italy

"Perfeito, muito preciso..."— Gustavo, from Brazil

"Thanks for this app! Analog not found ! It's great full work!"— User, from Google Play (ru)

"The app is very easy to use with thoughtful visualization and sonic responsiveness. I do a lot of guitar setups, and this app is the go-to app for the acoustic guitars (as well as mandolins and violins)."— User, from Google Play (en)

"приложение - лучшее что я видел для андроида"— User, from Google Play (ru)

"میون همه ی تیونرهایی که دیدم عالیترین بود. تبریک میگم."— User, from Google Play (fa)

"Seems to be really good, even for high frequencies, where other Apps fail"— Benutzer, from Germany

"Very fast. Very accurate. The best tuner for my HTC 7 Pro!"— Мышонок, from United States

"I like this tuner the best of any of them I've tried. Makes "taylor" tuning easy along with all my other instruments."— User, from Google Play (en)

"This tuner has everything I want: ease of reading, responsiveness, historical temperaments galore, easy-to-set reference pitch, and more. And then the unexpected: a graph showing a temperament's variance from ET, various strobe types, and more. A1+! If you need a serious tuning app, this is the one."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Good for Harpsichord - When PitchLab stopped being supported I was left to fall back on (and be very dissatisfied with) the most commonly recommended tuning because I prefer a strobe to a waving needle. After putting up with this for a few weeks I started to research and found this gem on the App Store. The strobe is great, as is the colour-changing bar which tells you exactly how close you are to target pitch. Harpsichordists like to be able to work with quite a few different temperaments and although this one doesn’t have as many as PitchLab, it has enough to cover various styles and nationalities of music. I haven’t needed to input any custom temperament but I believe this is also possible. I was a bit surprised at the very pushy way Airyware ended the ad-free trial, but willingly paid for the full version as I’m going to be using it long term."— Janetpiano, from United Kingdom

"Best Tuner for Windows !!! - Great very accurate !!! A must have for any musician!"— Kostas, from United States

"Najbolji tjuner definitivno. Koristim ga za harfu i pokriva ceo opseg. Posebna pohvala za mogućnost eliminacije pozadinske buke."— Zoran, from Serbia

"Excellent and easy to use tuner. Really handy little app."— Jim, from United Kingdom

"Very good tuning app, also I had a few questions for customer service and their service was outstanding! Thanks!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Toll, heruntetladen!"— User, from Google Play (de)

"Stable and rapid - This app greatly simplifies life; it’s faster and more stable than the clip on tuners I have been using."— Annelids, from United Kingdom

"Best tuner out there - I tune organs professionally, and so far I have found this to be the best tuner to use out in the field. Not only is it very easy to use, intuitive, and loaded with features, but it also is very accurate and picks up higher ranges unlike some of the other tuners out there. The only possible thing that could make this tuner better—and this is not a complaint by any means because I feel like it already exceeds my expectations for the price—but if it could give theoretical over or under length values for flat or sharp notes, that would make this product even more valuable."— Redbullluvr, from United States

"Best tuner app - This is the best tuner app I’ve come across. Simple to use, very accurate and with useful features (eg sweetening). Accurate enough to use for fine intonation checking but also excellent for everyday tuning. Worth every penny."— Caesarsam5, from United Kingdom

"Positively awesome!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"GET THISAPP! This is hands down the best guitar tuner app on the market by a large spread. So good, so many options, I'm just waiting for the shoe to drop. I mean no advertisements? Are you kidding me, somebody pinch me!!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Skvělá ladička!"— Ivan, from Czech Republic

"Love the app. I use it to tune my harp."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Excellent sensibility and accuracy by tuning piano, in the highest and deepest ranges, too. Beats all the tried other apps on the same device."— User, from Google Play (hu)

"Seit der Aktualisierung vom 18.9.23 funktioniert diese aus meiner Sicht beste, sensibelste, genaueste und vielseitigste App bei mir auch wieder auf Android 6. Super!"— User, from Google Play (de)

"PARAS! Ja kokeiluversios voi käyttää vaan ekal käyttökerral."— Käyttäjä, from Finland

"Accurate and Easy - Great software, very accurate and easy to use."— Michele, from United Kingdom

"Excellent Strobe Tuner - 👍"— ricbards, from United Kingdom

"Polecam wszystkim jak na gitarze Subbciooo "— Użytkownik, from Poland

"Very clever interface. Good functionality and responsive support. I'm really pleased with this purchase."— Jonathan, from United Kingdom

"Excellent - Very accurate tuner."— Frank, from Australia

"Airyware tuner - Excellent"— stronis, from United States

"I seen a video on YouTube about this and I have to say, if you would like to experiment with slight tuning changes then this is about as good as you can get, I want to try tuning my guitar in 'just intonation you' and this tuner helps amazingly.... It's just brilliant that's all I can say, thanks."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Best tuner I've used"— User, from Google Play (en)

"7 ST⭐R APP, MUST HAVE APP for all a music lover or one who love ❤ any kind of sound or want to find peace or create there own RHYTHM. The only best app of it's kind!!!!!!! among all other apps in all stores of Android, iPhone and Windows. Please Microsoft don't remove this from your store, This app is like a gem in your store."— HiMANsHU, from United States

"Good tuner, does what it needs to with no fuss! - Also has a noise cancelling feature to give you better results in your environment."— jtsanders, from United Kingdom

"espectacular é sem duvida o app de afinação mais confiável de todos."— User, from Google Play (pt)

"Yes, finally I can have The Most Versatile and accurate tuner for Android. Used years in WP8. Thank you for porting this."— User, from Google Play (fi)

"Airyware Tuner - My new go-to tuner. It’s great!"— LMcontinuo, from United States

"Zum Stimmen optimal, nutze es auch unter Windows 10"— User, from Google Play (de)

"Great visual presentation. It works well, is easy to use, and gets my guitars accurately in tune."— Ian, from Canada

"Great App. Serves my purposes for a variety of instrument tunings, especially pedal steel guitar. This app includes chromatic strobe tunings for a massive list of musical instruments, and has many features. I highly recommend this app for any musician."— User, from Google Play (en)

"J'utilise un strophe tuner très précis et votre logiciel est aussi précis que le strophe tuner et je peux installer votre logiciel dans mon téléphone intelligent et je pourrai pouvoir m'en servir losrque je suis en stage avec les bands country . D'ailleur j'ai l'intention d'acheter la version complète . Votre logiciel n'est pas dispendieux comparé a d'autres logiciel du même calibre Réginald Paquin Steel Players"— User, from Google Play (fr)

"Wow. Simply brilliant."— Davey, from United Kingdom

"Best tuner - This is the best tuning app I ever had"— roroluxlux, from Germany

"Ótimo deixo bem afinado meu violino, bem eficaz"— matheus, from Brazil

"Lots of parameters,very cool."— User, from Google Play (en)

"I prefer this app to any of my hardware tuners- including a peterson strobo-clip. Was using on my original Focus and now on Lumia 920. Best app purchase yet and easily worth the $."— Henry, from United States

"Hace lo que tiene que hacer"— User, from Google Play (es)

"El mejor que he probado"— Jose Antonio, from Spain

"This is one of the best and most advanced tuners that I found"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Sangat membantu bagi pemula... 👍👍👍 mantul"— User, from Google Play (id)

"Um dos únicos afinadores que realmente me deixou satisfeito. Parabéns desenvolvedores."— User, from Google Play (pt)

"This thing is very impressive and very precise at setting guitar intonation, moreso than my standalone guitar tuner... I'll be purchasing it soon.."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Decided to buy. The developers have put a lot of effort into this app and clearly know how a guitarist would tune. Highly accurate and easy to use. (Classical guitarist)."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Easy 12string(whole step down) & Eb six string tuning. Strobe setting is so easy to use,have uninstalled my other apps since using Airyware tuner. 👍"— User, from Google Play (en)

"This is a very accurate tuner. I like that it shows how many cents you are from the desired note."— User, from Google Play (en)

"This apps is amazing, its give you accurate tunning, i love it!!!"— mark anthony, from United States

"Incrivel, vai me ajudar mto nas aulas de canto."— lucas, from Brazil

"Incredible"— Max, from Netherlands

"Worth every penny!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"best of all that already saw. Muito bom melhor afinador do mundo para celular"— Edivan, from Brazil

"Airyware - Best tuner I’ve found. Love the custom settings feature."— RCCarp, from United States

"As good as you could ever want. Try all the others first or just save yourself time and disappointment - get this one!"— Dru, from United States

"Sogar Akustischer Bass geht ohne Probleme. Halbwegs ruhige Umgebung ist Voraussetzung, dann aber ganz nah an perfekt. Spitzenapp!"— User, from Google Play (de)

"Works great - Love this tuning app"— dhdeickgoewhcjejwlc, from United States

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"First app with real sensible features, tons of instruments and tension meter."— User, from India

"Very nice tuner app."— Jeramy, from United States

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"I have ' demo'd' hundreds of guitar tuners and found this one to be the most accurate, easy to use and consistent of all !!! Hands Down the best !!! Thank You Again !!!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"I love app! I have had it for a good few years now and I like about it is that it has multi beneficial options that go with and the graphics are awesome! What is more and important of all is it's accurate! Definitely recommend this one!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Highly recommend this tuner - Guitar running is a very frustrating challenge because of the instrument is not well tempered. In fact to get it right the strings must not be tuned exactly to concert pitch. Each string must be tuned a bit flat to a greater or lesser degree. This tuner’s sweetening function is even better at this than the Peterson stroboclip device for $70."— Jduadjdidj, from United States

"I've tried several apps, but I couldn't find better - I own grand piano and I use it regularly for tuning adjustments, where it is very helpful."— Mroovak, from Poland

"Awesome tuner. I use this with all of my stringed instruments. Love the alternate tunings."— Eric, from United States

"Toimii kuin pitääkin."— Markus, from Finland

"It's probably the best guitar tuner I've ever had, that's including store bought ones too."— Daniel, from Australia

"This is the best guitar tuner bar none, it's accurate, quick, and pitch is perfect!!"— User, from United States

"Excellent app. Really accurate tuner !!!"— George Mikalef, from Greece

"Its awsome ❤ "— Vishal, from United States

"Stable and rapid - This app greatly simplifies life; it’s faster and more stable than the clip on tuners I have been using."— Annelids, from United Kingdom

"Used this over a year now. Would not give it away anymore. In top 5 of all WP apps i have ever used. "— ., from Finland

"this is the best, feature rich tuner I have found Anywhere"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Works great. Add new instruments. ukulele and more tunings please!"— Joe, from United Kingdom

"Sehr umfangreicher Tuner, der weitaus mehr Funktionen bietet als mein richtiger Gitarrentuner. Benutze diese App nur noch und bereue den Kauf nicht."— Frank, from Germany

"The best tuner I have ever used, bar none. I have a lumia 925, it runs smoothly and is very responsive. Better than any standalone tuner I've used. And do you know how much you could pay for a strobe tuner? My h.s. Band paid around $1000 for one back in the early 2000s...."— Jonathan, from United States

"It’s a great tuner app - As far as I can tell this is more accurate than my hardware guitar tuners from reputable makers."— Zhuk13, from United Kingdom

"Best tuner I've ever used"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Фантастична річ. Музиканти must have."— Garik, from Ukraine

"My guitar tuner"— User, from Nepal

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"Great tuner with some good options to adjust temperament. Like the strobe too."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Best tuner app on IOS"— FurkanAydin, from Turkey

"Wow. Aż nie wierze ze na WP 7.8!"— Bartek, from Poland

"Naprawde genialny stroik, swietna aplikacja, polecam "— Mariusz, from Poland

"Virittää tyylillä - 6-kielistä lähinnä ruuvailen. Ei moitteita."— Jules, from Finland

"Extremely fast and very precise the best one I ever try just get it"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Works like a champ - Best tuner I could find. I think its fun and very accurate and works a lot better than others ive tried, thank you Airyware"— robert, from United States

"Best I have found - This is the best I have ever used"— ricky4576, from United States

"Super. Wirklich brauchbar für pianotemperaturen!!"— Robert, from Germany

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"Great for alternative tunings"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Muy bueno y completo."— User, from Google Play (es)

"Tak, jak wcześniej pisałem. Najlepszy i najdokładniejszy profesjonalny tuner do każdego instrumentu na całym rynku WP. Używają go znani artyści, a teraz jest za darmo! Dodatkowo można podpiąć gitarę jackiem do telefonu i stroić!"— Adam, from Poland

"Best of its kind on Windows Phone."— Carlo, from United States

"Awesome"— Rithin, from India

"App is sweet bro! - Used many types over the past 41 years as a musician. This one dose it for me."— Phil, from United States

"Fantastic Tuner for a Bass guitar! Right on pitch not only for open strings but for checking at the 7th & 12th frets to adjust the intonation"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Best tuner on market for android phones. Just love it"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Najlepszy tuner z dostępnych na WP"— Michał, from Poland

"La mejor aplicación"— User, from Google Play (es)

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"Εξαιρετικό!"— Panagiotis, from Greece

"Wonderful & very useful App...!!!"— User, from India

"Very useful and great value - Fully recommended (used on Mandolin and Acoustic Guitar)"— highhamster, from United Kingdom

"Perfect app - I was using it on my Windows Phone and now when I've moved to iPhone it is still the best tuner. Hope you will add portrait view for this app 👍 Highly recommend!"— Bloosik, from Poland

"Very accurate easy to use"— User, from Google Play (en)

"It is my studio tool now! Thanks guys!"— Barmaley, from United States

"Great. Fantastic. Wonderful. Product support is great too. Responsive. Quick. Succinct. Accurate. My guitar never sounded so good. Now let’s see if that pesky banjo sounds better."— DocV1234, from United States

"Excellent. Does the job and does it well. Seems accurate to me. Thank you!"— A, from Canada

"В полне достойное приложение.Реагирует быстро и точно,приятный интерфейс.Работать с ним можно без проблем.Разработчикам уважуха!"— User, from Google Play (ru)

"Best tuner"— Tobias, from Netherlands

"非常好,很多乐器都可以"— xi, from China

"Wirklich super: Geschwindigkeit, Genauigkeit, Einstellungen und Design. Ich bin wirklich beeindruckt von dieser fantastischen App!"— Martin, from Germany

"Good tuner - Hears unplugged electric guitar better than any tuner I’ve tried yet."— theAlaskin84, from United States

"La migliore!!!!!"— ANTONIO, from Italy

"I never thought I'd be able to use my phone as a tuner for my guitar, and I always attributed it to the lower-quality microphone, but this app proved me wrong. It's one of the best apps I've ever purchased. "— Ryan, from United States

"Awesome - Very accurate and easy to use. I use it mostly for the temperament features - which are fantastic! Thanks for making such a great tuning app."— Wayne O. 1234, from United States

"Easier to read than Peterson. Sweeteners included. - I was contacted sometime ago by the developer to try this app. I have many tuning apps on my devices including the Peterson istrobe app which I paid for both the app and sweeteners. The Airyware app is by far the tuner that I turn into in my devices. I find it to be extremely accurate though some settings are not as intuitive as I would like. As an example my iPhone will show within a 10th of a cent but I'm having difficulty finding about setting on my iPad and it is only right now showing full cents. Additionally you can turn it into a clip on by purchasing a clip an attachment that plugs into your electronic device and have a more accurate tuner than a standard Snark."— Vindibona, from United States

"Excellent. I've used a lot of tuners from old tabletop designs the size of shoeboxes to rack mount strobes and tiny Snark like things. My current favourite for stage is my TC Electronics Polytune clip but at home I use the Airyware on my Moto phone. When I find a reliable easy way to connect it this will be onstage as well. Can't fault it. Easy on the ears and easy on the eyes. Keep up the good work"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Absolutely brilliant. Very very clear interface and to my ears anyway, it sounds spot on. Superb!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Best on all mobile platforms"— Mindaugas, from United States

"Great, flexible and accurate tuner! - This is the best one out there!"— budubskovitch, from United States

"Seems To Be Most Accurate Of All - Super Sensitive And The Noise Canceling Feature Is Great!"— The Ruz, from United States

"Outstanding - The best tuning app I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a lot of them."— quartertonelow, from United States

"Шикарный тюнер. Радует активное шумоподавление, точность и скорость. И с гарнитурой работает! *пошел паять миниджек*"— Максим, from Russian Federation

"This the best tuner I think I have ever used. It is well worth every penny. You will thank yourself for choosing it."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Excellent Tuner - This is a really good tuner, and you can change the frequency of your tuning. I use it to tune my harp."— Jill, from United States

"Searching a good tuner? stop here! This app is so good! Reduce the pricing a bit please! "— Sagar, from United States

"Til nå er denne tuning app den beste jeg har brukt, bruker ekstern omni directional iRig smartphone mic med halv inch diameter mic element i. App funker godt med intern mic også. Fine med ekstern mic er at en kan henge den foran speaker plassert ca10 cm fra senter av høytaler element vist det er en 12 tom høytaler/driver."— User, from Google Play (no)

"Even my harp guitar likes this - One of the best app tuners out there!"— naboz', from United States

"Absolutely best tuner for windows phone. Fast and precise"— User, from Russian Federation

"Works great. updates made it better than ever"— Joe, from United Kingdom

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"Great - Found this to be really good for tuning my 12 string"— Leekey121, from United Kingdom

"Have used this to tune my harpsichord. Easily the best tuner app I've come across to date!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Simply the best tuner ever. Has an awfull lot of functions, though simple to use. I love tuning my basses and guitars very fast with this fantastic tuner. "— Arne, from Denmark

"Utterly fantastic! Totally worth the $4.99!"— User, from Australia

"execelnte o app de referência musical mais confiável que já usei"— User, from Google Play (pt)

"Simple; accurate; attractive UI - good work."— Aaron, from United States

"Best tuner ever. I use it since I first got an smartphone, which was a Nokia lumia."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Wow. Great tuner app. I used it at Guitar Center the other day and a guy watching was blown away. Love.the presets!"— Scott, from United States

"Очень толковая программа! С большими возможностями! Из всего, что есть в магазине, это лучшая! Своих денег стоит!"— Михаил, from Russian Federation

"Класс super, thanks "— Пользователь, from Russia

"The best of the king for me...i use it everydays."— User, from Google Play (fr)

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"Paras"— User, from Google Play (fi)

"Excelente es la mejor que probado - Calibra con much precisión"— daniel, from Mexico

"Awesome tuner!"— dave, from United States

"这是我用过最好的调音软件 没有之一"— shijie, from United States

"slick interface, great design. easy to see. fashionable and functional. great app 👍👍."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Genialny tuner. Daje rade nawet na przystawkach piezo w wiolonczeli typu silent."— Aleksander, from Poland

"Lots of capability. - I’m a guitar tech and I use this app daily. It’s accurate and has lots of options. Highly recommended."— Zunaa, from Canada

"The best! 5 stars deserved."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Just amazing! 5 stars, I'm using this App with my acoustic guitar"— Paulo César, from United States

"Great tuner - I use this for my Harps, guitar and ukuleles. Best tuner on windows phone."— Gary, from United Kingdom

"Fantastic tuner - It’s just phenomenally accurate, the gui makes sense and the are hundreds of presets. Really happy I discovered this as it has made tuning an 8course lute a breeze. Thank you!"— Majomista, from United Kingdom

"Embora tenha espaço para desenvolver é sem dúvida dos melhores! Boa compra"— User, from Google Play (pt)

"It's perfect and easy to use. As a person who uses a lot of alternate tunings and suffers from sever hearing impairment this is a lifesaver."— Marietta, from United States

"Great easy to use and accurate"— User, from Google Play (en)

"از لحاظ تخصصی خیلی خوبه واسه سلفژ خوانندگان هم میشه ازش بهره برد . هر صدایی بشنوه نتشو میگه بهت"— User, from Google Play (fa)

"Ottima app, la migliore!"— MARCOLINA, from Italy

"Very precise and perfect. Best app for tuning there is. Hundreds of configurations and customizing. You will need nothing more for your tuning needs. Ever. 10/10"— User, from Google Play (en)

"This is probably the 10th tuner I've tried, and it's the best by far! Comes with many alternate tunings! I love it!"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Eccezionale!!!"— User, from Google Play (it)

"Great tuner! - Love this tuner!"— Corbiere, from United States

"Best tuner across all platforms. Brilliant design and accuracy."— Pavel, from United Kingdom

"Perfect. - It works! Try it. It really works. It’s solid."— Nicolarapiano, from Argentina

"Ottima app, consente di personalizzare le frequenze delle singole note, ad esempio secondo lo schema di James Taylor"— User, from Google Play (it)

"Super präzise! Kann ich jedem Musiker nur empfehlen."— Thomas, from Germany

"Great tuner. I use it every day and even set my intonation with it."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Great tuner and free. Excelllent little added bonus effects and visuals that can actually improve your accuracy tuning an insturment."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Love it, excellent! - It works great as a guitar tuner and additionally can be customized to monitor background noise for noise cancellation."— Tony, from United States

"Best tunning app out there,free or paid for. You need this app."— User, from Google Play (en)

"I love it"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Super Tuner! Nutze ihn regelmäßig (Violine)"— Stefan, from Switzerland

"Accurate, excellent! - Excellent"— Swrust, from United States

"Has a lot of helpful tips in the video"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Really good tuner app.."— Fahad, from Pakistan

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"Veldig bra"— Rolf, from Norway

"Completo e Preciso - O melhor e mais completo que eu encontrei para smartphone, e ainda por cima é grátis!"— Leonardo, from Brazil

"Used for guitar intonation - I was looking for a strobe tuner for setting up my guitar intonation. This app was excellent in getting the job done accurately and quickly!"— PinkFloyd2112, from Canada

"treuer Begleiter seit vielen Jahren - Schön das der Tuner jetzt auch auf allen Windows Geräten verfügbar ist! Oberliga!"— Klaus, from Germany

"Excellent application!"— Jukka, from Finland

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"The most stable iPhone tuner bar, bar none. Vastly superior to all other tuner apps, including Peterson"— elportoman, from United States

"Great tool - This is awesome in fixing my intonation issues."— Bassist Zed, from United States

"Отличный тюнер. Не жалею, что купил."— Konstantin, from Latvia

"I Love the fact of having total control over each part of this app."— User, from Google Play (en)

"One of the best - Like it more almost all of the other. Tune my guitar faster with it."— Schronos, from Canada

"Great - Good app for setting guitar intonation"— Rat legs, from United Kingdom

"Возможно лучший тюнер. Можно настроить фортепиано с хорошей точностью. Все остальные приложухи только потеря сил и времени, от них фортепиано переставало звучать и было настроено криво. Это приложение смогло настроить легко."— User, from Google Play (ru)

"Definitely the best for all it does."— Adam, from United States

"Best guitar tuner available"— Thunderboltsid, from India

"Fantastic app - The best guitar tuner I've ever used. Please bring it to windows 10 as well."— Tudor, from United States

"Jeśli chodzi o czułość stroika to super"— Jacek, from Poland

"Reliable tuner since the days of Windows Phone - Accurate, fast, incredibly responsive UI. I have first used it on a Lumia 920. I can now use it on Windows 10 mobile and on the desktop! Well worth its money."— Raffaello, from Austria

"Best tuner - Only tuner I found that works with the high end of our piano, well worth the money"— hhhjyfcrjm, from United States

"Professional Harp player. I Love this App!!! - I play many instruments including Celtic Harp, Viola da Gamba, Baroque Guitar and Rebec. This app has settings for all those instruments and more. Very impressive. This is absolutely the most accurate tuner I have ever owned!"— T. O'Carolan, from United States

"Great tuning app. Extremely accurate and sensitive. Yet straight forward and easy to use."— User, from Google Play (en)

"This is so great. Best tuning app for WP.."— Piotr, from Poland

"Лучшее из бесплатного. За варианты темперации отдельное спасибо."— User, from Google Play (ru)

"Preciso e facile da usare. L'ho usato per accordare il pianoforte ed è eccezionale"— User, from Google Play (it)

"Best android tuner yet."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Muito bom. Bem preciso."— Rodrigo, from Brazil

"Образцово исполнено."— Дигмат, from Russia

"I just tune my piano with this application. All strings by one step... It was easy job. This is the best application which I have ever downloaded! "— juha, from Finland

"Fantastic tuner. Highly accurate and stunning visuals help to hit to sweet spot with ease. Great example of a decent WP8 app"— Julian, from United Kingdom

"Sehr genau. Beste App überhaupt!"— Olivije, from Austria

"Well done guys Hope for free "— User, from Philippines

"В полне достойное приложение. Реагирует быстро и точно,приятный интерфейс. Работать с ним можно без проблем. Разработчикам уважуха!"— User, from Google Play (ru)

"Definitely one of the best guitar tuners I've ever tried. Smooth animation and excellent accuracy makes it incredibly easy to tune whatever stringed instruments you have."— User, from Google Play (en)

"Buen afinador para vientos, el mejor con diferencia para los windows Phone. Actualizar y traducir a español urgente!!"— Vicente, from Spain

"Excellent tuner - Perfect for setting the intonation bridge saddle adjustment."— rayzaboy, from United Kingdom

"Pedal steel tuner - Great for tuning E9 pedal Steel guitar. Especially like the clear readout of Hz and +/- cents for fine tuning. Could add simple On/Off tone toggle for "by ear" tweaking."— Wheaton Watcher, from United States

"El mejor" sin vueltas. La opción 'denoise' es fantástica, reconoce al instante la nota y tiene presición absoluta de centésimas. Además es visualmente interesante."— User, from Google Play (es)

"Excellent - This really is good, powerful and accurate when you get to grips with how strobe tuning works. Amazing for a free app."— Neeson138, from United Kingdom

"My favorite tuner - Love the sweetened tunings especially James Taylor tuning. Makes it sound more evenly in tune all along the neck. Stable display makes it simple to tune up."— momo low, from United States

"Si bon"— azzedin, from Morocco

"This app is good it help me to catch a key for some ones singing using keyboard"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Top!!!!!muito bom!!!!!!"— Erivaldo, from Brazil

"Es una herramienta excelente. Ampliamente recomendada."— User, from Google Play (es)

"Best most precise tuner I’ve owned! - This is an extremely precise strobe tuner with ease of use. A great value for its low cost."— RobbieKing2022, from United States

"tốt quá cho 5+5=10 sao luôn...chỉnh guitar là rất tiện."— tit, from United States

"Impresionante"— Facu, from Argentina

"Muy buen afinador."— User, from Google Play (es)

"This is an amazing piece of software in less than 1MB! No ********, just pure function and design."— Patrick, from United States

"Excellent for Intonation - Was a bit disappointed with my previous tuner app when intonating my guitars. It got confused and so did I 🙂 This app made it clear and easy for me!"— Strat-1512, from United States

"Great tuner - So far it’s been the best tuner I’ve used. Worth buying the full version, first app I’d ever bought."— Fishbowl816, from United States

"Einfach nur großartig, auf jeden Fall installieren. "— Finn, from Germany

"Awesome.. The best app ever!!"— Nigel, from India

"Aplikasinya memuaskan"— User, from Google Play (id)

"This app does way more than I'll probably ever need and its simple to use I used it to tune my wind chimes and they sound excellent"— User, from Google Play (en)

"Airyware tuner - Pretty fast. If it’s good enough for harpists, it’s good enough for everyone."— GuitarBassViolinMandolin, from Canada

"Works great with Apogee Jam - Martin HD28, medium strings, Airyware Tuner App. (-1 semitone, James Taylor sweetener) and Apogee Jam UNBEATABLE!"— BrotherBro, from United States

"Best tuner - This is probably my first review I’ve ever done for app. This is easy and as complex as you chose. Seeing hz. And being able to change temperament is exactly what I was looking for. It’s apps like these that make your phone one of your most valuable tools."— itshardchosingoriginalname, from United States

"Géniale pour quelqu'un qui débute!!! 🤗"— User, from Google Play (fr)

"Amazingly accurate tuner! Looks beautiful too, and a stunning library of different instruments and tunings. Really good It is spot on at setting intonation on both guitar AND bass! From all of the software I have purchased for my windows phone, this has to be the most stable, properly useful and value for money. Very tidy app!! "— lee, from United Kingdom

"Awesome professional tuner. Works also perfect for tuning synthesizers and to adjust service settings (electronics)."— Thomas, from Germany

"I had this on trial at first, glad I did as not sure I would have bought it cold. But OMG..superb in every way. Have many rack mounts and various other tuners, I have tested this against all my others..and this is superb. I really like the layout and interface.. Worth the purchase completely, I'm using this increasingly more over the others now."— Arif, from United Kingdom

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